Did you know the average NYCHA resident throws away three pounds of trash every day? That’s a lot of waste! NYCHA offers a variety of options to keep waste in its place. These simple steps help improve the quality of life for all residents by reducing the conditions that may attract rats and pests, like eliminating litter and improving recycling.

NYCHA understands the importance of providing residents with the proper tools to manage their waste and recyclables. We are committed to providing residents with the essential resources and information to dispose of their trash, properly and efficiently recycle, and maintain a clean living space.

Below are the areas where NYCHA is actively trying to make a difference. Click on the links to learn how you and your family can be a part of a Clean NYCHA by learning more about trash, recycling, and litter and pet waste prevention.

Trash Disposal

Trash chutes are available throughout our facilities. These trash chutes provide a convenient option for residents to dispose of waste on their floors. Learn about proper trash disposal here.


Recycling is an essential part of reducing the amount of waste we discard. Learn about how to recycle at your development here.

Litter and Pet Waste Prevention

Litter attracts more litter! Keep your building beautiful by putting waste in its place in our shared space. We love our pets! But not their waste.

Learn more about your pet’s potty training and NYCHA’s pet registration policy here.

Polo Grounds Towers New Trash System


NYCHA is bringing a New Trash System to Polo Grounds Towers! This new system, also known as a pneumatic waste collection system, will transport trash and recycling away from your buildings via underground tubes.

Learn more about the new system here.