The NYCHA Digital Vans, have been supporting Authority communities since 2012

The NYCHA Digital Vans are Back on the Road!

We are back to provide NYCHA residents with Tenant Re-certification assistance and act as Internet Hot Spots for anyone standing outside the vehicle utilizing their own devices. Click here for the Digital Van Schedule

The public can feel safe when they come on board our computer-labs-on- wheels, thanks to a variety of health and safety measures put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NYCHA has retrofitted the vans in its fleet with social distancing in mind. The vans are now equipped with plexiglass barriers between the driver compartment and rear computer area and plastic curtains between workstations. Vehicles are also stocked with personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff and visitors. In addition, the rear wheelchair lift door is now kept open during stops to allow for the circulation of fresh air.

Although each van is equipped with eight computer workstations, to ensure social distancing mandates, we have temporarily reduced the number of occupants allowed on the vehicle from eight people to two at a time. That means, one NYCHA staff and one Visitor. Staff also maintain visitor “sign-in sheets” when people board the vehicle should contact tracing become necessary.

You can rest assured that the New York City Housing Authority realizes we have a safety obligation to the public and our employees during this pandemic.

Note: COVID-19 Protocols are observed at ALL stops to ensure the Health, Safety and Well-Being of ALL of our Guest.