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Client Tools on ACCESS HRA

Client Tools on ACCESS HRA

ACCESS HRA Client Site

To improve access to benefits and information on a pending or active case, HRA developed an online portal available to New Yorkers anywhere an internet connection is available. ACCESS HRA is an innovative tool that allows New York City residents to apply and recertify for SNAP, apply for Cash Assistance at HRA’s PC Banks, recertify for Cash Assistance, and retrieve benefit information. Providers can help clients create accounts, submit applications and re-certifications, and use the features of the Client Portal. Read the user guide.

The ACCESS HRA Client Portal allows clients to:

  • Create an ACCESS HRA account to gain access to over 100 case-specific points of information in real-time, including application and case statuses, upcoming appointments, account balances, documents requested for eligibility determinations, and E-notices
  • Re-certify or apply for SNAP
  • Re-certify Cash Assistance cases
  • Opt-in to receive text message and/or email alerts about their cases. For example, a client can now receive a text when their SNAP re-certification period begins.
  • Recipients can submit their SNAP Periodic Report.

We are continuing to improve our ACCESS HRA tools and add new functionalities to improve access for our clients. In December 2018, ACCESS HRA will be adding the ability for clients to submit SNAP case changes online.  


The ACCESS HRA Mobile App is a self-service mobile app that gives clients the ability to use their mobile device to better manage their cases. Applicants and clients now have the ability to use their smartphones or tablets to:

  • View case status and benefits issued
  • Read electronic notices
  • See any upcoming appointments
  • Receive text messages, email alerts, or push notifications about their case
  • Capture and submit images of SNAP and Cash Assistance eligibility documents to HRA with their mobile device camera
  • Submit requested documents needed to complete Cash Assistance or SNAP applications or recertifications
  • Submit additional documents for clients who have an active Cash Assistance or SNAP case and received an HRA form requesting additional documents
  • No more scheduled appointments. Clients no longer wait for HRA to call. With On-Demand, clients can call HRA at their convenience to complete their interview.
  • Same day service. Clients can submit their application or recertification form online using ACCESS HRA, then call to complete their interview on the same day.

PC Banks

Self-service terminals located at HRA Centers allow clients to use the ACCESS HRA portal to complete and submit Cash Assistance and SNAP applications and re-certifications.

Self-Service Scanning

Self-service scanning is a technology tool for electronic document scanning and submission at HRA Centers, as well as at select community partner sites across the city. Self-service scanning allows clients and community-based organizations to: