Workplace Laws

Know Your Rights at Work

Read the Workers' Bill of Rights, a comprehensive guide to rights in the workplace in New York City.

Local Law 161 of 2023 requires employers in New York City to give their employees information about their rights at work.

  • Employers must post the multilingual "Know Your Rights at Work" poster at each NYC workplace where employees can easily see it.
  • Employers must give a copy of the poster to each employee by July 1, 2024. After July 1, employers must give a copy of the poster to new employees on or before their first day of work.
  • Employers must make the poster available on any online platform used to communicate with their employees, such as a company intranet or app.

Office of Labor Policy & Standards

DCWP’s Office of Labor Policy & Standards (OLPS) serves as the City’s focal point for labor issues and workers in New York City, giving a dedicated voice in City government to the issues facing workers in New York City. OLPS enforces key municipal workplace laws, conducts original research, and develops policies that are responsive to an evolving economy and issues affecting workers in New York City, particularly people of color, women, and immigrants.

Learn about your responsibilities on these workplace laws:

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Additional Information for Employers

Stop Sexual Harassment Act
Thee Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act is a comprehensive legislative package aimed at addressing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, into law. Included in the package is an expansion of the City Human Rights Law, one of the strongest civil rights laws in the nation, in cases of gender-based harassment to allow the Commission to investigate sexual harassment claims going back three years, and expands protections to all employees, regardless of the size of their employer. The legislation also includes new requirements for distribution and posting of materials and other mandates for all employers in New York City. The Commission has developed a webpage specifically for employers and employees to access and download the required materials, request further information, and learn how the legislation strengthens protections against sexual harassment in the workplace. Visit

NYS Department of Labor
The NYS Department of Labor enforces the State Labor Law for minimum wage, hours of work, child labor, payment of wages and wage supplements, migrant farm labor, and conditions in the garment industry. The agency protects employers, workers, and the public from dangers at work and other health hazards. Learn more about the NYS Department of Labor.