Construction Safety & Compliance

The Department of Buildings is committed to promoting a culture of safety across the construction industry and improving quality of life for all New Yorkers by enforcing the City's Building Code, Electrical Code, Zoning Resolution, New York State Labor Law, and New York State Multiple Dwelling Law. In all DOB activities, our focus is on safety, service, and integrity.

DOB Façades Compliance

To keep buildings safe, owners of properties higher than six (6) stories must have exterior walls and appurtenances, such as balconies, inspected every five (5) years – and they must file a technical façade report with the Department. These reports list the façade compliance filings from DOB NOW, provide an overview of the work of the Façade Unit at DOB, and show a map of sidewalk shed locations throughout the City.

Violation Data

The Department keeps a record of every ECB and DOB violation we issue in the City of New York, regularly uploading this information to NYC Open Data.

Construction-Related Accident Reports

These reports contain information on the number of accidents at construction sites, which are incidents where there has been an injury or fatality, occurring on a construction site (with or without work permit) or caused by construction activity on an adjoining site.

Local Law Compliance

Local Law 190 of 2018

Local Law 155 of 2017: Work Without a Permit Watch List







Local Law 224 of 2017: Site Safety Professional

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