Licensing Reporting

DOB Licensees

The Department issues licenses and registrations to individuals working with our Department and/or within the construction trades in New York City. Learn the standing of Design Professionals, Skilled Trades, or Registrants by using our online search tool or using open data.

DOB License Fees

The application for each license type has a different fee. For up-to-date fee listings, browse the Licensing section of our website for specific information for licenses by type.

Disciplinary Actions & Surrenders

The Department of Buildings investigates and takes disciplinary action against construction professionals when their conduct violates standards set forth in the New York City Construction Codes. Actions may be taken against individuals who are accused of abusing filing privileges; violating laws, rules, and regulations; performing work that requires a license or registration without a license or registration. You can search the directory below for disciplinary and voluntary license records of construction professionals from 1998 to the present.

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