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Important notice on data breaches affecting some HHC patients

HHC Leadership

HHC facilities are supported by members of an auxiliary, a group of volunteers who work in collaboration with hospital administration to advance the quality of patient care services. Auxiliary members help fundraising efforts to support clinical enhancements, purchases of medical equipment and evaluate requests for other necessary grants that will advance our mission to provide quality health care with dignity and compassion.

Auxiliary Presidents

Listed below is the president of each HHC hospital auxiliary, as of August 12, 2014

Bellevue Hospital Center
Bellevue Association, INC.
Lola Finklestein
(212) 562-4536

Bellevue Hospital Center
Bellevue Hospital Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Patricia Blau
(212) 562-5255

Bellevue Hospital Center
Children of Bellevue, Inc.
Jeffery Meckler
(212) 562-4130

Coler Specialty Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility
Bird S. Coler Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.
Ms. Rena C. Pincus
(212) 848-6314

Coney Island Hospital
Coney Island Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.
Miriam Beyers
(718) 616-4360

Cumberland Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Cumberland Neighborhood Family Care Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Lucy Lloyd
(718) 260-7823

Dr. Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Dr. Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Joy Lam
(718) 245-7161

East New York Diagnostic and Treatment Center
East New York Diagnostic and Treatment Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Belinda Lindros
(718) 240-0553

Elmhurst Hospital Center
Elmhurst Hospital Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Estelle Davis
(718) 334-2666

Gouverneur Health Care Services
Gouverneur Hospital Auxiliary Inc.
Quan Sen Wang
(212) 238-7855

Harlem Hospital Center
Friends of Harlem Hospital Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Corwin Breeden
(212) 939-1390

Harlem Hospital Center
Harlem Hospital Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Dorothy Payne-Morehead
(212) 939-1318

Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility
Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital & Nursing Facility Auxiliary, Inc.
Virginia Granata (Acting)
(212) 848-6300

Jacobi Medical Center
Jacobi Medical Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Edison Speck
(718) 918-5318

Kings County Hospital Center
Kings County Hospital Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Gloria C. Thomas
(718) 245-3120

Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
Lincoln Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.
Miriam Moses
(718) 579-5471

Metropolitan Hospital Center
Metropolitan Hospital Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Ann Frisch
(212) 423-6801

North Central Bronx Hospital
Friends of North Central Bronx Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.
Norma Llanos
(718) 918-5318

Queens Hospital Center
Queens Hospital Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Doretha McFadden
(718) 883-2280

Renaissance Health Care Network Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Renaissance Health Care Network Auxiliary, Inc.
Gideon Manasseh
(212) 932-6532

Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home
Sea View Hospital and Home Auxiliary, Inc.
Donna Hakim
(718) 317-3264

Woodhull Medical & Mental Health Center
Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center Auxiliary, Inc.
Hermang Patel
(718) 963-8140


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