NYC Workforce Development Board

The New York City Workforce Development Board, a board mandated by federal law and whose members are appointed by the Mayor, is responsible for ensuring that investments of federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) dollars in adult and youth workforce development services are strategic, fiscally sound, and effective. WIOA designates funding and responsibilities to both states and local areas. New York City, the largest U.S. city with a population of more than 8.5 million people, is also the largest local area recognized by WIOA and has the largest budget, about $60 million in 2021. The New York City Workforce Development Board is comprised of 30+ members who represent private sector employers, labor unions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.


All New Yorkers develop the right skills, experience, and credentials to find stable, living wage jobs with benefits and opportunities to advance. The public workforce development system aligns its services with the needs of employers, particularly when offering education and training services, and ensures that all jobseekers are able to benefit from those services. As a result, New York City employers are easily able to find the qualified talent they need.


The Board leverages the knowledge, skills, and networks of its members to ensure that the City’s investment of federal WIOA funding successfully prepares and connects adult and youth New Yorkers to employment and meets the talent needs of employers.