About the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development

The Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development (“NYC Talent”) is responsible for the City’s talent and workforce development system that benefits city residents, employers, and the economy. Although we do not issue contracts directly, we partner closely with City agencies and entities that do. NYC Talent seeks new and effective ways to scale and sustain productive public/private partnerships; to develop and match talent to promising careers; to align its education, career preparation and skills training programs across City government; and to coordinate program and fiscal data across stakeholders to provide a comprehensive view of the talent system with the goal of making progress towards the citywide employment objectives laid out in Executive Order #22.


The Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development partners with public agencies, educational institutions, and the private sector so NYC residents succeed in family sustaining careers and NYC employers hire and train the talent needed to thrive.

To promote equity, we aggregate and align public as well as private resources to match talent to opportunity, to adapt to the rapidly changing labor market and relentlessly tackle historic disparities.


Mobilize New Yorkers to achieve shared prosperity and an inclusive economy.

We Believe

The greatest asset that we have as a City is the talent of New Yorkers. Investment in the City’s talent and workforce development system is critical to address historical barriers and build a more inclusive economic recovery effort, that benefits City residents, employers, and the economy overall.

Our Purpose

To promote a healthy, vibrant, inclusive City where:

  • All young people launch successfully into family-sustaining careers
  • Every New Yorker benefits from family-sustaining careers and contributes to shared prosperity
  • Inequities diminish significantly
  • Employers access local talent needed to thrive
  • Public and private resources are efficiently leveraged

Talent and Workforce Engagement Efforts

  • Convene the Future of Workers Taskforce to engage key, non-government stakeholders
  • Establish NYC Interagency Cabinet
  • Launch a Talent Investment Fund to transparently invest in best practice
  • Manage the Workforce Development Board to signal commitment to public/private partnership
  • Partner with NYC agencies to develop programs and strategies to tackle historic challenges presented to people with disabilities
  • Push local hiring that offers equity employment