Medallion Transfers

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A taxicab medallion transfer involves the buying and selling of a medallion. Use of a broker to complete the transfer is optional. If you are interested in using a broker, please visit the TLC licensed Medallion Broker list for a complete list of licensed brokers.To learn about the TLC/DCWP/DOF investigation of broker practices, review the list of recommendations, as well as the list of broker rule violations, please visit the Broker Enforcement page.

For questions, or to start a transfer email the the Medallion Transfer Unit at

Medallion Transfer Reports

Below are forms for the medallion transfer process:

Forms for different types of Medallion Transfers

  • If you are selling medallions (as opposed to corporate stock):
    OS-1 Application.Reg (PDF)
  • If you are selling corporate stock or membership interests in an LLC:
    OS-2 Stock (PDF)
  • If you are an administrator or executor of an estate seeking to operate the medallion(s) until the estate is settled:
    OS-3 Administrator.Application (PDF)

Buyers/Sellers Notifyng TSP Provider of Transfer

  • Sellers must give notice of a transfer to a TSP Vendor.
    Seller TSP Notice (PDF)
  • Buyers must also notify the TLC of their plans for the TSP system. Download the form here:
    Buyer TSP Notice (PDF)

Child Support Form

Under state law, the TLC must verify that taxicab medallion buyers are current with their child support obligations.

Child Support Form (PDF)

Lien Lawsuit and Judgment Searches

Under the new rules, all sellers and transferors must provide to the TLC a New York State UCC lien search, together with a lawsuit and judgment search for all counties in which the seller/transferor has been domiciled for the shorter of either five years prior to the transfer, or the period of actual ownership. The results of these searches must be submitted to the TLC together with an affidavit regarding these searches, signed by both the buyer and seller.

Lien Search Affidavit (PDF)

Non-reliance Affidavit

Buyers and other medallion transferees must affirm that they do not rely upon any representations by the TLC regarding the value of medallions, and they must acknowledge that medallion ownership is subject to all rules and regulations of the TLC, including any subsequent changes.

Non Reliance Affidavit (PDF)

For access to the rules governing medallion transfers refer to Chapter 58 (Medallion Taxicab Service) (PDF)