Taximeter Manufacturer

Taximeter Manufacturers are licensed by the Commission to create taximeters for use in New York City. Only taximeters made by a licensed Taximeter Manufacturer may be installed or used in Taxicabs or Street-Hail Liveries. Writing the codebase for a software-based taximeter (but not calibrating an instance for a specific vehicle) is considered manufacturing a taximeter.

All taximeters in New York City must comply with the following requirements:

NTEP Certification

Before being used in New York City, all taximeters must receive National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) certification. There are only two facilities in the country that certify taximeters:

  • The California Division of Measurement Standards
  • New York State Bureau of Weights and Measures.

Visit the National Conference on Weights and Measures website to learn more about the NTEP certification process.

Get a Taximeter Manufacturer License

Step 1: NTEP Certification (if already NTEP certified, skip to step 2)

  1. Review the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44 to ensure compliance with all regulations.
  2. Contact the National Conference on Weights and Measures to apply for taximeter certification.
  3. Your system will be assigned to a laboratory for bench and field testing.
  4. Upon approval, you will be issued an NTEP certificate.

Step 2: Submit Application to TLC

  1. Read the TLC application instructions;
  2. Complete the Taximeter Manufacturer License Application;
  3. Email the completed application and all required documents, in PDF format, to;
  4. All owners & stockholders must be fingerprinted for each TLC application. To schedule a fingerprint appointment, visit IdentoGo. For a printable instruction sheet, see IdentoGo Fingerprint Request (PDF).
      Note: Use the ORI number "156GQS" and your TLC license number to log in on the website to request a fingerprint appointment.
  5. TLC will review your submissions electronically; once TLC confirms your application is complete, you will be contacted to make an appointment to submit licensing fees in person.

Step 3: TLC Review

  1. TLC staff will perform bench and field testing to ensure the meter complies with Chapter 64 of TLC Rules including proper programming of all TLC-mandated rates of fare including proper programming of all TLC-mandated rates of fare.
  2. The applicant must name a licensed Taximeter Business that will perform the meter installation. TLC staff will inspect the Taximeter Business to ensure it is properly equipped and trained to perform the installation.
  3. The applicant must install meters in working taxis and present those taxis for inspection.

Step 4: Final Documentation and Approval

After approval of the system, the applicant will submit 1-2 page documentation with screenshots showing regulators how to do the following:

  1. Turn the meter on;
  2. Log in to the meter (if necessary);
  3. Start a trip;
  4. End a trip;
  5. Print an accumulative totalizer receipt.

Renew a Taximeter Manufacturer License

Taximeter manufacturers must renew their TLC licenses yearly, by March 31st.

The below license renewal requirements must be submitted by the license expiration date. If all requirements are not met by the license expiration date, the license will expire and no longer be active.

Renewal Instructions:
Step 1 – Pay renewal fee of five hundred dollars ($500.00) at;
Step 2 – Email the below items to

  1. Completed Taxi Metershop / Manufacturer renewal application - click here for renewal application;
  2. NYC Department of Finance (DOF) clearance letter - click here to request a DOF clearance letter;
  3. Criminal history report for all owners and officers - click here to request criminal history reports;
  4. Copy of government issued photo ID for all owners and officers;
  5. Updated surety bond for fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) payable to the City of New York;
  6. Metershops must also submit a rate schedule – a list of current fees for all services related to the sale, repair, installation, and calibration of taximeters.

Step 3 – Pay any outstanding fines owed to the TLC and clear any pending suspensions (if applicable).

Once the above is completed, the TLC Base & Business Licensing Unit will review the submitted requirements and request additional information, if needed. After the license is renewed, you will be mailed an updated license. Questions can be emailed to

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