Technology System Provider (TSP)

Technology System Providers (TSP) are licensed by the Commission to sell, lease, install, service, and repair Technology Systems.  Technology Systems provide Taxicabs and Street-Hail Liveries with in-vehicle technology used for driver authentication, credit card processing, and trip data collection and transmission. 

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Apply for a New License

Step 1: Submit Application

  • Read Chapter 66 to ensure your system complies with all regulations
  • Download and complete the TSP Application Form
  • Email the completed application and all required documents, in PDF format, to
  • TLC will review your submissions electronically; once TLC confirms your application is complete, you will be contacted to make an appointment to submit licensing fees in person

Note: TSPs must be used in conjunction with a TLC-licensed Taximeter. If your system includes a custom-built taximeter, you must also apply for a Taximeter Manufacturer License from TLC.

Step 2: TLC Testing

  • Supply TLC two (2) demonstration units: TLC staff will test the demo units to ensure they operate according to the approved system description and meet all TLC requirements.
    1. Bench unit: TSP unit should be able to operate outside of a vehicle. This unit will be tested at the Beaver Street office in Manhattan.
    2. In-Vehicle demo unit: After successful completion of bench unit testing, the applicant will install a TSP unit inside a TLC vehicle at the Woodside Inspections Facility.
  • Showcase demonstration installation: The applicant must bring a demonstration vehicle to the Woodside Inspections facility. The vehicle must have a TSP unit, roof light, and a hard-mounted meter fully installed in the vehicle. TLC staff will inspect the TSP unit for any deficiencies in installation.
  • Create a web portal: The applicant must create a functioning web portal with near real time reporting for TLC staff.
  • Host an SFTP to transmit trip data on a weekly basis: Host an SFTP server and submit test trip records. Trip records are recorded in a standardized format. More information can be found in the Detailed TSP Specs below.

Step 3: Documentation

After approval of the system, the applicant must submit final documentation including:

  • Revised system descriptions incorporating all functional changes made during the application process, if applicable.
  • User manuals for the in-vehicle technology explaining how to:
    1. Log in to the TSP;
    2. Start a trip;
    3. End a trip.
  • User manuals for the regulator webportal explaining how to:
    1. Log in to the web portal,
    2. Query the web portal,
    3. Export reports.

Step 4: Approval

After successful completion of steps 3 and 4, the TLC will issue a TSP license to the applicant. TLC will keep the two provided demonstration units. The TSP must maintain the units as long as TLC authorization is held. Licensees are required to submit trip data every Thursday by 3pm on a weekly basis.

Required Videos

Prologue: Technology Systems are required to play the TLC-provided video at the beginning of every taxi trip.

Data Collection Requirements

Technology System Providers must capture and transmit trip data. Trip data is to be submitted via applicant-hosted SFTP as four separate, zipped CSV files. Files are due every Thursday at 3 PM covering the Monday to Sunday prior.

Yellow Taxi Data Specs

Yellow Taxi Data Specs link

The naming conventions for Yellow Taxi data are:

  • Main Trip Records: TPEP2_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
  • Rate 4 Table: TPEP2_RATE4_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
  • Shift Table: TPEP2_SHIFT_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
  • Breadcrumbs: TPEP2_BREADCRUMB_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]

Street-Hail Livery Data Specs

Street-Hail Livery Data Specs

The naming conventions for Street-Hail Livery data are:
Main Trip Records: LPEP_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
Rate 4 Table: LPEP2_RATE4_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
Shift Table: LPEP2_SHIFT_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
Breadcrumbs: LPEP2_BREADCRUMB_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]

Check Driver License and Vehicle License Status

Technology Systems must prevent the taximeter from being engaged in unauthorized vehicles and by unauthorized drivers. Authorizations change daily and must be verified using the lists linked below. For Open Data API Instructions visit: Getting Started With Open Data (OpenData)

Current Medallion status

Current SHL status

Current TLC Drivers (Medallion, Street Hail Livery and For Hire Vehicle)