Get a Vehicle License

Interested in getting a TLC license for your vehicle? Read here to learn which license is best for you, then use the menu on the left to choose the license that you want to apply for.

If you are planning on driving the vehicle for hire, you will also need to apply for the appropriate TLC Driver’s License. Visit Get a Drivers License for more information.

Yellow Taxicabs

Yellow taxicabs are the iconic, yellow vehicles that have the right to pick up street-hailing passengers anywhere in New York City. Taxis can also be dispatched by TLC-licensed E-Hail companies. By law, there are 13,587 taxis in New York City and each taxi must have a medallion affixed to it. Vehicles can be owned by drivers or leased to them by licensed garages. Grant funding is available for wheelchair accessible taxis.

For-Hire Vehicles (FHVs)

For-Hire Vehicles provide pre-arranged service anywhere in New York City and are dispatched by TLC-licensed FHV bases. For-Hire Vehicles must be affiliated with a single FHV base, but may accept dispatches from any base. Currently, the TLC will only accept a new FHV application if the vehicle is wheelchair accessible, is an electric vehicle or if the driver has a lease-to-own contract. If you do not have a current FHV license, click “Get a For-Hire Vehicle License” to learn if you are eligible to apply for a new FHV vehicle license.

Green Cabs

Green cabs or Street-Hail Liveries (SHLs) are For-Hire Vehicles that are permitted to accept street-hails. In exchange, Street-Hail Liveries may not operate in the Hail Exclusionary Zone, south of West 110th St and East 96th St. The Street-Hail Livery License is a license that is attached to a For-Hire Vehicle License. Grant funding is available for new wheelchair accessible SHLs.

Commuter Vans

Commuter vans are vehicles that transport between 9 and 20 passengers in preapproved zones for a flat rate. Commuter vans are operated by Commuter Van Authorities.

Paratransit Vehicles

Paratransit vehicles provide non-emergency transportation for passengers with disabilities. Paratransit vehicles are dispatched by paratransit bases.

Street Hail Livery Pilot Program Vehicles

Beginning May 16, 2023 at 10am, TLC licensed drivers may apply for an SHL Pilot Program Permit and the associated For-Hire Vehicle License. These vehicles, distinguished by “P” markings, will test the viability of a license that cuts the costs of operating an SHL, while also eliminating the ability to receive street hails. Visit the SHL Pilot Program page to learn more about the operating restrictions and application process for this license.