E-Hail Providers

Electronic hailing (E-Hail) allows a passenger to use TLC-licensed apps to hail a yellow taxicab or Street-Hail Livery (green taxi) using metered rates of fare. E-Hail only refers to yellow and green taxis. Dispatching For-Hire Vehicles (black cars, limos, or liveries) via an app requires a For-Hire Vehicle Base License, not an E-Hail License. For those interested in dispatching For-Hire Vehicles, visit FHV Base License.

Quick Overview:

  • E-Hail customers can solicit yellow or green taxi rides, or schedule for pre-arranged green taxi travel.
  • E-Hail providers may operate throughout the five boroughs.
  • Fares must be calculated using the taximeter, unless the provider has joined the Flex Fare Pilot.
  • E-Hail apps that offer payment using a card on file must send the payment information to the in-vehicle credit card system outfitted in every taxi, unless the provider has joined the Flex Fare Pilot.
  • Drivers are not required to accept an E-Hail.
  • For a complete list of requirements download E-hail Rules

Apply for a New License

Step 1: Submit Application

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Email the completed application and all required documents, in PDF format, to businessmr@tlc.nyc.gov.
  3. TLC will review your submissions electronically; once TLC confirms your application is complete, you will be contacted to make an appointment to submit licensing fees in person.

Step 2: TLC Testing

  1. TLC staff will review the applicant’s documentation and will follow up if there are questions for the applicant.
  2. After approval of the applicant’s documentation, TLC staff will test the applicant’s system to ensure it operates according to the approved system description and meets all TLC requirements.
  3. Applicants will be required to provide TLC staff access to both the passenger and driver versions, if applicable, of the E-Hail app on TLC-owned phones.
  4. The applicant must submit sample E-Hail records complying with the data specifications listed at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Licensure and Data Submission

  1. After approval of the applicant’s system and documentation, the TLC will issue a license to the applicant to allow their system to accept E-Hails from passengers.
  2. Upon beginning operation, the applicant must establish an SFTP and give TLC staff credentials with read only access. The applicant will use this SFTP to submit the required e-hail records.

Step 4: In-App Payment (optional)

After completing steps 1-3, the applicant will be authorized to dispatch taxis and SHLs to passengers, but not accept payment for the fare (referred to as E-Payment). To offer E-Payment, the applicant must complete this additional step. The applicant may either:

  1. Integrate with the Technology System Providers to enable metered fare payment, or
  2. Join the TLC’s Flex Fare Pilot, or
  3. Both 1 and 2.

Renew an E-Hail Provider’s License

  1. A renewal reminder will be sent 90 days in advance of your expiration date;
  2. Pay any outstanding summonses;
  3. Pay the renewal fee online by visiting LARS;
  4. Download and complete the application form;
  5. Submit all renewal requirements in PDF format to businessmr@tlc.nyc.gov.

Check Driver License and Vehicle License Status

E-Hail providers may only dispatch TLC-authorized drivers in TLC-authorized yellow or green taxis. Authorizations change daily and can be verified using the lists linked below.

E-Payment Integration

Unless the E-Hail provider has joined the Flex Fare Pilot described below, all passengers must be charged the metered rate. In order to capture the correct fare from the meter, the E-Hail provider must integrate with the Technology Systems installed in all taxis. Technology System Integration must be done in accordance with the E-Payment requirements described in section 78-21(c) of TLC rules.

Flex Fare Pilot

E-Hail licensees may also offer E-Payment by joining the TLC’s Flex Fare Pilot. As part of the pilot, the licensee can accept payment directly in their app without being required to integrate with the licensed Technology Systems. However, licensees will be required to provide binding, upfront fare quotes to passengers as well as submit detailed trip records to the TLC. Visit Flexible Fare Pilot for more information

Data Requirements

Licensed E-Hail Providers must submit weekly records of all passenger requests.

Data must be formatted according to the following specifications:

Data Formatting & Reporting Requirements – updated 10/14/2020

  • Data must be submitted every Thursday by 3 PM covering the prior Monday-Sunday on a licensee-hosted SFTP.
  • Files must begin with the E-Hail App ID given to the provider by the TLC.
  • Files must include the dates encompassed in the request and trip sheet requirements in the following format: YYYYMMDD

Example of a request file: EH00XX_20160101_20160106