Step 3: Preparation of Land Use and Environmental Applications

Preparation of Land Use and Environmental Applications

A Special South Richmond Development District certification is a non-discretionary action taken by the City Planning Commission, or its Chairperson, informing the Department of Buildings that an as-of-right development has complied with specific conditions set forth in accordance with provisions of the Zoning Resolution.

The BluePRint Team will soon be at work on application standards and samples for SSRDD Certifications. Check back here for more information.

Specific Standards and Guidelines for Certain South Richmond Certifications

Application Component Standards Templates Samples/Forms
Project Description PDF Document Standard Word Document Template  
Official Zoning Sectional Map PDF Document Standard   PDF Document Sample
Tax Map(s) PDF Document Standard   PDF Document Sample
Project Area Photographs PDF Document Standard   PDF Document Sample
Survey PDF Document Description    
Zoning Analysis PDF Document Description    
Site Plan PDF Document Description    
Statement of Findings PDF Document Description    
Owner’s Authorization PDF Document Description    
Application Components that May be Required Depending on the Specific Action
Land Use Map PDF Document Description    
Elevation PDF Document Description    
Section PDF Document Description    
Neighborhood Character Diagram PDF Document Description    
Pedestrian Elevation Drawing PDF Document Description    
Landscape Plan PDF Document Description    
Ground Floor Plan PDF Document Description    
Upper Floor Plans PDF Document Description    
Other Drawings for Site Analysis Purposes; South Richmond (Contact SI Office)      
Owner’s Authorization
  • If the applicant does not have an ownership interest in the subject property or if there are other fee owners of the property who are not co-applicants on the application, the application must include an authorization letter signed and notarized by the fee owner(s) of the property.

  • The owner’s statement should explain that he or she is aware of the action(s) concerning the property that the applicant is requesting.