Step 3: Preparation of Land Use and Environmental Applications

At the Interdivisional and RWCDS Meetings, the Environmental Assessment and Review Division (EARD) will advise you on the type of environmental review and the materials that you will need to complete.

Applicants should submit Draft and Filed Environmental Applications using NYC Planning Applicants, after consultation with their Lead EARD Planner.

City Environmental Quality Review forms can be found at MOEC (Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination).

View CEQR Forms
View CEQR Technical Manual.
View more information about environmental review.
View more information about the Waterfront Revitalization Program.
Download the PDF Document WRP Consistency Assessment Form.

For your reference, you can also access current environmental analyses:
View completed Environmental Assessment Statements and CEQR Determinations.
View scoping documents.
View Environmental Impact Statements.
Learn about "E" Designations.

To continue with filing and paying fees for your applications, please move on to Step 4: Filing of Applications and Paying Fees.