Applicants - Overview

This section of the website provides information and tools that can be helpful when preparing an application to the Department of City Planning (DCP) to:

  • change existing zoning;
  • amend the Zoning Resolution;
  • request the grant of site-specific land use actions listed in the Zoning Resolution;
  • request a change to the official NYC City Map (which contains public streets, parks and other features);
  • request, as a NYC agency, approval to build affordable housing or other public facilities, except for schools. 

DCP will work with you to ensure that your application is complete and ready to begin the City’s public review process. For general information on the process, please visit our Application Process Overview.

If your development is as-of-right, meaning that a proposed development complies with the Zoning Resolution and qualifies for a building permit without the DCP’s review, contact instead the Department of Buildings.

What we do, when we review, and who can apply.

What we do

One of the core missions of DCP is to ensure that all land use and environmental applications for changes to zoning regulations, the City Map, siting of public facilities, and grants of site-specific actions are complete before they are reviewed by the public, the Chair of the City Planning Commission or the Commission as a whole. This way, the City Planning Commission and the general public can make informed decisions about each project that goes through public review.

When we review applications

The Department reviews all applications before the public review process begins. An applicant’s first conversations with the Department are typically before an application has even been put together. 

Who can apply

Anyone can apply for a Zoning Map change, Zoning Text Amendment change, or a City Map Change. For site-specific actions, it is required that the property owner agree to the application. Only New York City agencies may apply to the Department and Commission for the siting of public facilities.

Applicants for zoning map and text changes are often DCP, local Community Boards or private developers.