Step 3: Preparation of Land Use and Environmental Applications

Draft and Filed Land Use Applications

Draft land use applications should be prepared following the guidance discussed with DCP and as described in the Interdivisional Meeting Record.  

The Department will review a draft land use application only once per project and provide feedback in a comment letter or, as necessary, a working meeting with the applicant team, after which time the applicant will be guided to file the application when it is ready.  

Draft and Filed Land Use Applications should be submitted via NYC Planning Applicants*, after consultation with the Lead Planner. 

Land use applications consist of:

  •  Land use application form  
  • Attachments that clearly describe the proposed land use actions and any development that may be facilitated by, or approved as, part of the proposed actions. Applicants may consider using the Applicant Maps Tool to produce some of the maps required as part of the land use applications. The tool makes the production of required maps less time consuming to prepare and eliminates the need for costly drafting or GIS software.

If you have questions regarding how to fill out forms or draft documents, review the online guidance and consult the assigned Lead Planner before submitting. Their responsibilities include ensuring applicants correctly understand how these documents should be completed.

Guidance on Submitting Attachments:

  • Attachments must be provided in PDF format as individual files for each attachment or section. Attachments will appear online alphabetically, so please use numbers to organize your filing and keep the names short and to the point.
    Example:  1. Project Description
                    2. Official Zoning Map
                    3. Tax Map
  • For especially large submissions, ZIP files may be used and subfolders may be appropriate to organize large sets of drawings (or in the case of EIS submissions a folder per chapter may be appropriate). Label folders to clearly identify contents.
  • Use the ‘Working Package’, created by the Lead Planner, to save Doing Business with the City (DBA) Forms, Illustrative Drawings, back up documents for EAS/EIS, and any Word documents requested by the Lead Planner or EARD Lead.

Doing Business with the City Form

Applicants, with the exception of those noted below, are required to submit PDF Document Doing Business with the City Form with all application packages. A PDF Document Doing Business with the City FAQ will assist you in filling out the form.

The PDF Document Doing Business with the City Form is not required for applicants who are:

  • Homeowner applicants with actions concerning one, two, or three family dwellings.
  • Not for profit neighborhood, community or similar association applicants
  • City agency applicants without a private co-applicant

Note: Please be advised that all materials submitted to the New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) in connection with the application may be placed on the DCP website and used in DCP presentations regarding the application. These materials may also be subject to production by DCP pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) in Article 6 of the Public Officers Law.

Click on an application type to see a detailed explanation of the requirements and to access standards and samples.

PDF Document Doing Business with the City Form

PDF Document Download the Application Requirement Checklist

The checklist can help applicants to understand what is required for each type of land use action. Application requirements will be confirmed by the Department of City Planning project team at the Interdivisional Meeting.

To continue with filing and paying fees for your applications, please move on to Step 4: Filing of Applications and Paying Fees.