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Retiree, HMO, Medicare Drug Subsidy

Retiree Medicare Drug Benefits

The Fund pays the cost of prescription drug option premiums on behalf of Medicare-eligible retirees (and their Medicare-eligible spouses or domestic partners) enrolled in qualified Medicare HMO plans, where such a cost would otherwise be paid by the member through pension deductions.   Read More


The Fund pays the monthly premium directly to the HMO on the member's behalf. The Medicare HMO member, however, is still responsible for co-payments for office visits and drug prescriptions.


To be eligible for this benefit, basic City health coverage must be provided by a qualified Medicare HMO; the member and/or spouse must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B; and, the member and/or spouse must live at their present address for at least nine months of the year.

Contact the New York City Employee Health Benefits Program for details on qualified Medicare HMO plans.

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Switching Plans

If a member would like to switch to a Medicare HMO Plan and take advantage of the Fund Retiree Medicare HMO Drug Benefits, he or she should call the Retiree Health Benefits Program at (212) 513-0470.

Download the Drug Benefits section of the Fund Booklet

GHI Senior Care Drug Rider Subsidy

The Fund pays a $50 per person per month GHI Senior Care Drug and Medicare Supplement Health Plan Rider Subsidy Benefit ($100 maximum) directly to the health benefits program on behalf of Retired Fund members and their spouses/domestic partners who are covered under the GHI Senior Care Program and elect to purchase the prescription drug rider.

Download the GHI Senior Care Drug Rider section of the Fund booklet

Still Have Questions?  See the GHI Senior Care Drug Rider Subsidy FAQs