NYCHA's Mold Remediation Procedure

NYCHA's Mold Remediation Procedure

Step 1: Mold Service Request

A mold work order is created when:

  • A resident calls the Customer Contact Center (718-707-7771) with a mold complaint,
  • A resident uses the MyNYCHA mobile app to report a mold condition, or
  • A NYCHA employee observes a mold condition in an apartment

Once you report a mold issue to NYCHA, either through the Customer Contact Center “CCC,” MyNYCHA app, or the website, NYCHA will schedule an inspection of your apartment. Remember! NYCHA does these inspections and repairs free of charge.

Note: Mold Service Requests are subject to NYCHA’s Right of Entry.

NYCHA's Mold Remediation Procedure

Step 2: Initial Inspection

The inspector (superintendent or assistant superintendent):

Identify the probable root cause(s) of the mold condition. This means the inspector will try to determine the underlying cause of mold and/or moisture and ensure the root cause repair is addressed. An example of a root cause may be leak from the apartment above, façade penetrating water or roof needing repairs. The inspector might take a few photographs of the reported complaint, and ask you a few questions about the mold issue in your apartment to be able to better assess the history.

If there is mold present, the inspector will also:

  • a. Determine whether there is a wet wall, or if there is water damage.
  • b. Determine the appropriate next steps to remove the mold condition.
  • c. Note any other related conditions that may lead to mold growth.
  • d. Speak with you about the mold issue, and mail you a mold inspection receipt form listing the next steps.
NYCHA's Mold Remediation Procedure

Step 3: Remediation

The timeline for taking care of the mold will depend on whether the mold condition in your apartment involves “simple” or “complex” repairs:

  • If the mold condition in your apartment is considered “simple,” NYCHA will make best efforts to complete the repairs within seven (7) days . This type of repair can be made by onsite development staff.
  • Some repairs are considered “complex” and require multiple visits to fix. In this case, NYCHA will make best efforts to complete the repairs within to fifteen (15) days. This type of repair can be done by skilled trades personnel (for example, a painter or plumber). If the mold in your apartment requires complex repairs, you should expect multiple visits by various skilled trades personnel.
  • Capital improvements, which involve large scale structural repairs such as roof replacement, may take longer than fifteen days to complete. However NYCHA staff will complete the repair in your apartment pending Capital repairs. If a condition reoccurs, contact the Customer Contact Center immediately.
NYCHA's Mold Remediation Procedure

Step 4: Quality Assurance Inspection

After completing the work, NYCHA will schedule a quality assurance inspection to evaluate the quality of the repair, ensure the mold removal work was done effectively, and that the root cause was addressed. This step is very important because it will reduce the risk of recurrence. If issues are observed during the inspection, NYCHA will correct those repairs.

NYCHA’s Right to of Entry Policy

What is “Right to Entry”the Right of Entry?

“Right to of Entry” is used when NYCHA needs to address environmental hazards and perform critical mold-related inspections and repairs as soon as possible. According to your lease, a NYCHA worker can enter your apartment to make repairs whether or not you are home, if you are given written notice two days prior. See the sample Right to of Entry Notice below.

What should you expect if Right to of Entry is used to enter your apartment?

If repairs were made when you weren’t home, the NYCHA worker will leave a tag on your door noting the repairs that were completed.

If your door lock was changed due to the repair, pick up your new keys from the property management office the day the repairs were made, up until 4:30pm. After that, pick them up at your local Police Service Area (bring your ID).

This door tag will be used to indicate the presence of NYCHA staff or completed repairs when Right to of Entry is employed.

Right to Entry Policy Explained

What happens if I’m not home for the mold inspection?

If you are not home for a scheduled mold inspection, the NYCHA worker will leave a notice with a new appointment date for you explaining that a staff member will be back again in 48 hours to do the inspection. If the NYCHA staff member is unable to get into your apartment for the second visit, NYCHA may use its right of entry under the lease to go into your apartment. See more details about scheduling mold inspections and the right of entry at

What happens if I’m home for my scheduled appointment and no one comes?

If you missed your scheduled appointment, please contact the Customer Contact Center (718-707-7771).

mold buster CCC and OCC

Residents who have already contacted the NYCHA Customer Contact Center (718-707-7771) but still have concerns or complaints regarding mold/leaks and any associated repairs can contact the NYCHA Compliance Department at or the independent court-appointed Ombudsperson Call Center (OCC) at 1-888-341-7152 or at

For more information about mold: Visit For more information on NYCHA’s Mold Busters Program, visit