Mold Prevention

Identifying and fixing the root cause of mold requires a joint effort between you and NYCHA. Below are some tips to help limit moisture and mold growth in your apartment:

Check the exhaust ventilation in your bathroom and/or kitchen by holding a piece of tissue to the exhaust grill (the tissue should stick to grill) to check for air suction. Request repairs if there is no suction, or if the vent grill is clogged with dust, by calling the Customer Contact Center (718-707-7771) or via the MyNYCHA app.

  • If your bathroom does not have an exhaust fan, open your bathroom window and door after showering and keep windows slightly open when the weather allows to improve general ventilation in your apartment.
  • Contact NYCHA immediately to report any leaks found in your pipes or appliances. Request repairs for leaky plumbing or other leaks as soon as possible.
  • Do not use shower racks or clothing lines above the bathtub. Moisture from wet clothing may cause mold growth in the bathroom.
  • Dry out damp areas with a dry cloth.
  • Open a window in your kitchen while cooking.
  • Please remember, clothing dryers are not permitted in NYCHA apartments.
  • Promptly mop up any spills or accidents involving liquids before the liquid has a chance to soak its way into the floors or walls.

For additional resources, read the NYCHA's Mold Standard Procedure. There you will find more about the general approach to preventing mold growth in buildings, and to control moisture from internal sources.

Resident Resources

mold buster CCC and OCC

Residents who have already contacted the NYCHA Customer Contact Center (718-707-7771) but still have concerns or complaints regarding mold/leaks and any associated repairs can contact the NYCHA Compliance Department at or the independent court-appointed Ombudsperson Call Center (OCC) at 1-888-341-7152 or at

For more information about mold: Visit For more information on NYCHA’s Mold Busters Program, visit