Resources for People with Disabilities

Resources for People with Disabilities

Welcome! This page is dedicated to serving people with disabilities. The goal is to provide you with useful information and resources regarding HPD affordable housing and application process, and to keep you informed of the latest news and progress that we are making towards making our agency more accessible. We invite you to collaborate with us as we continue to add to this page. Questions, feedback and suggestions may be directed to Zenzile Vialva, HPD’s Disability Services Facilitator at, 212-863-6486, 100 Gold Street, New York, NY 10038.

Affordable Housing Guide for People with Disabilities

Cover of affordable housing guide for applicants with disabilities

The Affordable Housing Guide for Applicants with Disabilities provides detailed information about applying to affordable housing, in PDF, MS Word, and American Sign Language. Use the links below to access the guide in various languages:

PDF format:

MS Word format:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is every building wheelchair accessible?

All newly constructed buildings including building entrances, exits and common areas are fully accessible. In addition, pre-designated units for people with disabilities are Section 504 compliant and wheelchair accessible.

I have a disability that is not mobility, visual or hearing. What housing could I apply for?

At this time, our disability set asides are reserved for people with mobility, visual and hearing disabilities, and tied to federal funding and compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Applicants who do not have a mobility, visual or hearing disability can still apply for affordable housing in the general affordable housing lottery.

Will you ask for medical documentation to prove that I have a disability?

HPD and marketing representatives will not ask anyone to prove their disability though medical documentation. We do ask prospective candidates to obtain a certification from a medical professional stating that the candidate would benefit from a unit designed specifically for someone with their disability. We ask prospective candidates to use the Medical Form that we created for certification purposes. You could upload or print it from our website.

How do you assure that the units designed for people with disabilities meet the needs of each tenant with a disability?

5% of units are reserved for people with mobility disabilities and 2% for visual and hearing. All 7% are constructed to meet a common set of accessibility standards called Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. However, tenants can request additional accessibility features they’d find helpful, which can be installed when the person moves in. Examples of features include talking/Braille appliances, sound alarms, and under-counter cabinets.

I keep applying on Housing Connect but I never hear back. Does that mean I’m not eligible? Should I keep trying?

Be persistent and patient. Applications are processed through a lottery system, and you will only hear back under the following circumstances: 1) your lottery number is reached and a review for eligibility is scheduled, or 2) your lottery number is reached but you are found ineligible - in which case, you will receive a letter stating the reason for ineligibility. The letter will also provide instructions on appealing the decision.

Can I apply for affordable housing with HPD if I have a voucher or rental subsidy?

Yes. Vouchers and rental subsidies such as Section 8 (HPD or NYCHA), City FEPS and SEPS, ISS, TBI, Medicaid Waiver, VASH or LINC are all accepted. Minimum income requirements do not apply if you have a voucher or a rental subsidy. However, rent should be within maximum limits allowed by your voucher or rental assistance program.

My only source of income is SSI/SSD. What housing is available for someone with my income?

Housing opportunities for people of various income levels will come up on Housing Connect, but not as frequently for certain income categories. Check Housing Connect often for new project advertisements. Create a profile on Housing Connect to receive automatic email notifications when projects come online. Review our income guide to make sure that you haven’t missed a source of income that would help your application.

I was called for an interview after I applied on Housing Connect. After the interview, I was told that I didn’t qualify because of my income. Why did they call me if I was not qualified?

If your lottery number comes up and the income you claim in your application meets the requirement, you will be called for an in-person eligibility review (interview). The review is an opportunity to present your income and identification documents for verification of accuracy.

Who can I call to check on the status of my application?

You can email HPD’s Housing Connect team at or call them at 212-863-7990.

I had a bad experience during my interview. Who can I report it to?

HPD compliance at

Who can I contact for help with my housing application?

HPD partners with a diverse group of community organizations that serve members of the public. These organizations are called Housing Ambassadors, and they are available in each borough to help prospective applicants with housing applications (whether online or on paper). In addition, there are a number of Housing Ambassador organizations specifically serving people with disabilities. Their contact information can be found on our accessible webpage.

I still have questions that are not answered on this page. Who can I contact at HPD for assistance?

If you already applied for housing and have questions about the application, contact HPD Compliance at For questions about HPD disability services, contact Andrew Lange, HPD Disability Services Facilitator at

For additional information about the application process, visit the Housing Connect FAQs page.