About HPD

About HPD

HPD's Mission

Our mission is to promote quality and affordability in the city's housing, and diversity and strength in the city’s neighborhoods.

We do this by maintaining building and resident safety and health, creating opportunities for New Yorkers through housing affordability, and engaging New Yorkers to build and sustain neighborhood strength and diversity.

Because every New Yorker deserves a safe, affordable place to live in a neighborhood they love.

Maintaining Building and Resident Safety and Health

Code Enforcement.
Home Repair and Preservation Financing.
Design Guidelines.

HPD works to ensure the physical safety and quality of homes across the city to maintain the health and well-being of those who live in them. Examples of our work:

We enforce the New York City Housing Maintenance Code on behalf of tenants, inspecting homes for housing quality and safety, training and educating property owners, bringing cases in Housing Court, requiring emergency repairs, and more. Learn more about Code Enforcement.

We work to ensure that existing affordable housing stays affordable and in good physical condition into the future by helping owners stabilize their buildings with tax-exemptions, repair loans, outreach, and education; and working with qualified community partners to rehabilitate properties in distress. Learn more about Home Repair and Preservation Financing.

Our investment in affordable housing is also an opportunity to achieve better health outcomes for residents especially in a changing climate. We set high standards for designing quality, healthy, sustainable, equitable, and resilient affordable housing and help property owners make much needed repairs. Learn more about our Design Guidelines.

Creating Opportunities for New Yorkers Through Housing Affordability

Affordable Housing Opportunities.
New Construction Financing.
Business Opportunities.

HPD creates, maintains, and expands opportunities for New Yorkers to achieve economic and social benefits of housing affordability. Examples of our work:

We help New Yorkers – including formerly homeless households, voucher holders, first-time homebuyers, people with disabilities, and more – find a home they can afford in the neighborhood of their choice, by providing rental and downpayment assistance, connecting them to hands-on support, and marketing opportunities on NYC Housing Connect. Learn more about Rental and Downpayment Assistance, Rental Subsidy Programs, and Affordable Housing Opportunities.

In addition to preserving existing affordable housing, we also finance new affordable housing developments focused on supporting low-income and vulnerable New Yorkers, bringing amenities to underserved communities, and helping working class New Yorkers build wealth. Learn more about New Construction Financing.

We provide inclusive business opportunities for Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) and non-profits to ensure the economic benefits of affordable housing development are shared across all communities. Learn more about our inclusive and equitable Business Opportunities.

Engaging New Yorkers to Build and Sustain Neighborhood Strength and Diversity

Neighborhood Planning.
Tenants' Rights.
Property Management.

HPD conducts publicly-inclusive planning and engages communities, tenants, owners, and other partners to strengthen neighborhoods. Examples of our work:

We work with local residents, elected officials, and community groups to create and preserve affordable housing that fosters more equitable, diverse, and livable neighborhoods by crafting neighborhood-specific housing plans and requests for proposals for public sites based on the community’s vision, values, and priorities. Learn more about Neighborhood Planning.

We protect tenants by providing outreach and education about tenant harassment, housing discrimination, and eviction prevention. We also leverage data to identify buildings at high risk of harassment, displacement, and speculation in order to proactively intervene on behalf of tenants. Learn more about Tenants’ Rights.

We support property owners across the city with outreach and technical support to help them manage their buildings, ensuring that HDFC cooperatives, City-supervised Mitchell-Lamas, and city-subsidized affordable housing are healthy and in compliance with the law; and helping small homeowners protect their assets. Learn more about Property Management.