ABCs of Housing
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    The new ABCs of Housing is now available.  The ABCs of Housing is HPD's guide to housing rules and regulations for owners and tenants where you can learn about staying in your apartment safely, resources for new affordable housing, rental assistance, and more.

cover of Progress Report

    Two years after the release of the Where We Live NYC Plan—the culmination of an inclusive and comprehensive process to identify goals, strategies, and actions the City of New York will undertake to advance fair housing through 2025—we've made significant progress toward the plan's six goals.

Cover of Housing Blueprint

    Crafted with insight from New Yorkers who experienced homelessness, the blueprint focuses not just on creating homes but also on getting New Yorkers into them more quickly.

    The blueprint is the first City housing plan to cover the entire spectrum of New Yorkers' housing needs and options.

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New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development

Our mission is to promote quality and affordability in the city's housing, and diversity and strength in the city's neighborhoods.

We do this by:

  • Maintaining building and resident safety and health
  • Creating opportunities for New Yorkers through housing affordability
  • Engaging New Yorkers to build and sustain neighborhood strength and diversity

Because every New Yorker deserves a safe, affordable place to live in a neighborhood they love.

Programs & Initiatives

New York City is committed to the principle of inclusivity in all of its neighborhoods, including supporting New Yorkers to reside in neighborhoods of their choice, regardless of their neighborhood of origin and regardless of the neighborhood into which they want to move.