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Housing Ambassadors

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HPD partners with community-based service providers in New York City who help people prepare and apply for Housing Connect affordable housing lotteries. Housing Ambassadors can provide information and assistance with the application process.

*Important COVID-19 Update*
Please email or call the organizations below to learn more about what services they're offering at this time. Office locations may be changing their hours or offering services over the phone.

Housing Ambassadors do not provide housing directly, and they cannot guarantee that an applicant will receive an affordable unit through the lottery.

Find an Ambassador

Use the options below to find the right Ambassador for you. If you don't find the right organization on the first try, reset and try again with different filter options.
Accessibility needs

Housing Ambassadors for People with Disabilities provide specialized services to applicants with disabilities. People with disabilities are welcome to meet with any Ambassador; however, our Housing Ambassadors for People with Disabilities only serve people with disabilities.

Housing Ambassadors Map

The map below locates the Housing Ambassadors (Housing Ambassador Program logo icon) and Housing Ambassadors for People with Disabilities (purple pin).
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Become a Housing Ambassador

If your organization is interested in learning more or joining the Housing Ambassador program, please complete our Housing Ambassador questionnaire or email ambassadors@hpd.nyc.gov.

The Housing Ambassador Program is supported by Citi Community Development.