Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE)

Tenant Access Portal (TAP)

As part of the Rent Freeze Program, the DRIE benefit assists eligible tenants with disabilities by freezing their rent at the current level and exempting them from future rent increases.

Information for tenants

People with disabilities who meet eligibility criteria can apply for the DRIE benefit to have their rent frozen at the current level, thus protecting them from legal rent increases. Visit the Rent Freeze Program page for eligibility and application details.

To continue receiving DRIE benefits, tenants must submit a renewal application, which will be sent to them approximately 60 days before their current benefit expires.

Information for property owners and managing agents

Landlord Express Access Portal (LEAP)

When a tenant is approved for DRIE, landlords receive a tax abatement credit (TAC) equivalent to the tenant's exempted rent increase. You will receive a notification letter showing the exemption period, the amount the tenant must pay, and the amount of your tax abatement credit. These credits are also detailed in your property tax account.

Landlords with excess DRIE credits can request a refund instead of having the credits roll over to the next tax period. Submit a refund application or online request to initiate the process. Visit the Rent Freeze Program page for more information.

Weekly tenant reports: Updated weekly, these reports provide updates on DRIE applications and activities, sorted by borough, block, and lot (BBL), then by docket number.

DRIE tenant reports by borough:

Monthly TAC reports: Detailing TAC credits and debits for each building, these reports are updated monthly and are sorted by BBL.

TAC Report Archive

Landlords suspecting a tenant of improperly receiving DRIE benefits can submit an Appeal Application or a letter outlining their concerns. For tenants who have passed away or moved, landlords should use the DRIE Change in Eligibility form to report this.

If your property is fully tax exempt or if you have a zero balance on your tax bill, you will receive TAC credits on your property tax bill. You may request a refund by submitting a Property Refund Request.

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If due to a disability you need an accommodation on order to apply for and receive a service, or to participate in a program offered by the Department of Finance, please contact the Disability Service Facilitator or by calling 311.