Our mission

The Department of Finance administers the tax and revenue laws of the City fairly, efficiently, and transparently to instill public confidence and encourage compliance while providing exceptional customer service.


The Department of Finance collects the revenues that make every city service possible. Public education, police and fire protection, hospitals and healthcare facilities, parks and recreation centers—it all starts with DOF. If you own a home, drive a car, rent an apartment, or start a business, you will interact with the Department of Finance at some point. We are your partner in city government, here to help you save money when you can and pay it when you must.

The Department of Finance:

$47 billion

Collects revenue for the City

$1.4 trillion

Values approximately 1.1 million properties with a total market value of more than $1.4 trillion

$239.7 billion

Advises on the City’s pension system and deferred compensation plan

$1.1 billion

Manages the City's treasury

The Department of Finance also:
  • Records and maintains public property records
  • Adjudicates and collects parking tickets
  • Through the Sheriff’s Office, acts as the City's chief civil law enforcer
  • Administers exemption and abatement programs for property owners and renters

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