Jail Release Services

Jail Release Services can help people released from jail get a job, a place to live, help with addiction or other services. If you or someone you know is about to get out of jail or just got out, call 311 today and ask for "Jail Release Services" for help with addiction, housing, employment, domestic violence or legal services.

Inmate Jail Release Services

Connections Guide
The Connections Handbook is a comprehensive annual reentry resource guide produced by the New York Public Library to help people coming home from incarceration. The handbook covers subjects such as education, housing, financial assistance, physical and mental health, and legal services.

English and Spanish versions

Beyond the Bridge Brochure

Beyond the Bridge is a reentry brochure developed by the Department of Correction to offer a summary of the main organizations in each borough that can assist individuals upon their return home.  The brochure includes resources on employment, housing, public benefits, and other areas of need.  

English version

Spanish version