Transition Planning Services

Community Justice Reentry Network

New York City recognizes the importance of supporting individuals involved in the criminal justice system by providing holistic services in the community. These services help individuals advance and thrive, as well as avoid future adverse criminal justice contact. The Department partners with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice to connect incarcerated individuals with a network of contracted service providers. These providers have a presence within our facilities, enabling incarcerated individuals to engage with them for discharge planning and learn about community-based services.  Specifically, individuals can work with providers to develop personalized transition plans, establish connections with community-based services, and receive assistance with housing. You can support your loved ones in making a successful return home, by encouraging them to take advantage of the services offered by our community-based providers.To learn more about the Community Justice Reentry Network and the participating providers, click here

LGBTQ+ Resources

The Department provides targeted and responsive services to the LGBTQ+ community including the development and distribution of our LGBTQ+ Resources for Re-Entry guide.  The guide provides community-based resources from providers that are LGBTQ+ affirming and that address the legal, housing, employment, and holistic needs of the LGBTQ+ community.  In addition, the Department’s LGBTQ+ Affairs Unit provides assistance to individuals transitioning to state prison.

LGBTQ+ Resources for Re-Entry

Transition to State Prison

The Department provides individuals who are sentenced to a New York State prison with resources and information to assist them in the transition process. These resources are listed below:
FAQ document, available in English and Spanish.  
Handbook for the Families and Friends of New York State DOCCS Incarcerated Individuals:
  English version
  Spanish version
Osborne Association’s ReentryWorks Program for Individuals Returning to NYC from NY State Prison.


Jail Release Services can help people returning to the community with employment, housing, addiction, domestic violence, and other services. If you or someone you know was recently released or is about to get released from jail, call 311 today and ask for "Jail Release Services." 

Incarcerated Person Jail Release Services · NYC311


IDNYC is New York City’s official municipal identification card. It is a free, safe, and widely accepted government-issued identification card for use in New York City. The card also provides many benefits and discounts across the city. To apply, you will need four points from documents providing identity and NYC residency, and the list of acceptable documents includes ID information and photos already used by DOC. If you or your loved one were released from DOC custody within five (5) years of submitting your application, IDNYC can confirm this information at an IDNYC Enrollment center, and it will count as one point of identification and your photo ID.  Visit the IDNYC website to learn more.  
Connections Handbook 
The Connections Handbook is a comprehensive annual reentry resource guide produced by the New York Public Library to help people coming home from incarceration.The handbook covers subjects such as education, housing, financial assistance, physical and mental health, and legal services.

English and Spanish versions

Beyond the Bridge Brochure

Beyond the Bridge is a reentry brochure developed by the Department of Correction that provides a summary of the main organizations in each borough that can assist individuals upon their return home.  The brochure includes resources on employment, housing, public benefits, and other areas of need.
English version

Spanish version