Send Money

While in custody, inmates must use their inmate accounts for all transactions. Inmates are not permitted to possess cash, which is regarded as contraband. (Visitors who give cash to an inmate are subject to arrest). Instead, you need to deposit money in the inmate's DOC account.

Until recently, the only way to make a deposit was to visit a DOC cashier's office.

In an innovative plan, DOC has arranged with several money transfer agents to accept deposits for inmate accounts. This process is similar to how you "wire" money to someone. Instead of going to one of DOC's cashier offices, friends and family members can send money in the following ways:

  • By Phone - call the toll-free numbers listed below for the participating money transfer agents. Use a credit or debit card to pay.
  • By Internet - log on to the website for one of the participating money transfer agents. The websites are listed below. Use a credit or debit card to pay.
  • Or, you can access the money transfer agent websites through DOC's Inmate Lookup System, available on DOC's public website. (See instructions below).
  • By Walk In - go to any of the offices for the participating money transfer agents, just as you might to "wire" money. Use a credit or debit card, or cash, to pay.
  • By Kiosk - at DOC cashier offices, some providers have set up kiosks where you can deposit money for an inmate. One of the money transfer agent's kiosks currently accept cash only; another money transfer agent has kiosks that accept both cash and credit cards.

Fees for Money Transfers

  • All transactions handled by the money transfer agents will require you to pay a fee. The fee may vary among the agents. (DOC does NOT receive any of these fees.)
  • There is still no fee when you deposit money directly at a DOC cashier's window.

Information Required

To transfer money to an inmate using a money transfer agent, you need to supply the inmate's first and last name and book and case number.

Contact Info for Money Transfer Agents

DOC does not recommend any one money transfer agent over another. The agents charge a fee for any transfer. We expect additional money transfer agents to be added to the system; check this page for contact information.

JPay, 800-574-JPAY. Offers transfers by phone, internet, walk in and at kiosks. (Cash-only kiosks.)

To Use the Inmate Lookup System to Send Money

  1. Go to
  2. On the right, find the Inmate Lookup box.
  3. Click Look Up Inmate.
  4. Enter the inmate's NYSID or Book and Case Number. Or, enter the inmate's first and last name and date of birth (or age). This takes you to a listing for the inmate. If there are several inmates with the same name you'll go to a page where you can click on a name to pick the person you want.
  5. On the page for the inmate, click the Send Money button.
  6. This brings up an instruction page. Click on the logo for the money transfer agent you want to use. This takes you to the money transfer agent's website.
  7. Follow the directions at the money transfer agent's website to complete your money transfer

To find a walk-in office, you can call the provider's toll free phone number.

Western Union, 800-325-6000. Offers transfers by phone, internet and walk in. The City Code required by Western Union to transfer funds is NYCITYDOC and the State Code is NY. Both are required to make a deposit.