Institutional Uniforms

The Department of Correction has begun to implement an institutional uniform plan, wherein all individuals in and entering custody will be provided with uniforms for the duration of their incarceration. None of the inmate’s personal clothing will be permitted in the facility – this includes sweatpants, non-uniform sweatshirts, athletic shorts, head gear, hats, or caps and compression-style attire. These items will be collected and stored upon admission with the inmate’s other clothing. Traditional undergarments may be retained by the inmate as long as they are a permissible item. In addition to the standard uniform provided, seasonal outerwear will be available upon request for use while outdoors. Inmates will be afforded the opportunity to have their uniforms laundered by the facility at least twice per calendar week and this information will be posted in the facilities. Clothing will be returned to inmates upon discharge from their respective facilities.