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The Vision Zero Fleet Safety Forum

The Vision Zero Fleet Safety Forum, sponsored by NYC Fleet, brings together people representing private fleets, equipment suppliers, federal, state, and city agencies, non-profits, and universities for the common goals of vehicle safety. Through the fleet forum, New York City has conducted outreach within and outside of government to exchange best practices, promote vehicle safety technology, and to educate fleet managers about Vision Zero.

2023 Forum 11/02/2023

2022 Forum 10/26/2022

2019 Forum 10/31/2019

2018 Forum 11/28/2018

2017 Forum - 11/14/2017

2016 Forum - 11/29/2016

Please note: the videos that were shown at the forum are not available in the presentations download. The "Drive Like Your Family Lives Here" video is available on You Tube

2015 Forum - 11/5/2015

2014 Forum - 10/23/2014