Photo of a NYC Fleet sedan with intelligent speed assist technology installed.

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    Preliminary Results of the Intelligent Speed Assist Pilot: Please click the image for the NYC Fleet newsletter on the pilot.

Hybrid electric truck outfitted with rail-style sideguard.

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    NYC Has the Largest Truck Sideguard Program in North America: Please click the image for more photos of trucks with various types of sideguards.

Flyer for the Dusk to Darkness campaign promoting road safety at night.

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    Dusk to Darkness Campaign: Please click on the image for the NYC Fleet newsletter with tips on road safety at night.

DCAS instructors and uniformed officers posing for a photo at a driving class.

    DCAS Offers Defensive Driving In-Person and Online: Please click the image for the NYC Fleet newsletter on defensive driving and our opinion surveys of NYC fleet operators.

NYC Department of Education school bus parked at City Hall.

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    DCAS Safety Partnership for NYC School Buses: Please click the image for the press release on a joint effort by DCAS, NYC Department of Education, and US Department of Transportation on safety features for school buses.

Vision Zero and the City's Fleet

Vision Zero

Launched in 2014 Vision Zero has one clear goal: Eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries on out roadways. The City is committed to regarding traffic crashes not as mere “accidents” but as preventable incidents that can be systematically addressed. No level of fatality on our streets is inevitable or acceptable. Through Vision Zero the City is using every tool at its disposal to improve the safety of our streets. This includes turning on speed cameras 24/7, adding hundreds of miles of bike lanes and protected bike lanes, providing safety training to school aged children, and by setting the example in the city fleet through both driver training and vehicle safety improvements. This section focuses on the work the city fleet is doing, but you can go to to find out more about the other citywide programs.

NYC Safe Fleet Transition Plan

The Safe Fleet Transition Plan (SFTP) outlines a series of safety investments that New York City is making in all fleet vehicles. It also lists other technologies that are being implemented in more targeted projects, or that are being assessed or tested. DCAS Fleet Management is working with the NYC Business Integrity Commission (BIC) to explore how technologies can be adopted in private fleets regulated by BIC. DCAS Fleet Management encourages fleets and vehicle manufacturers everywhere to adopt appropriate safety technologies as standard in their vehicles.

Intelligent Speed Assistance

High Vision Trucks

Surround Cameras and Back Up Sensors

Truck Side Guards

Truck side-guards are large covers that prevent pedestrians and other vulnerable road users from falling into the space between the front and rear wheels of a truck. NYC local law now requires eligible vehicles in the City fleet, certain private fleets in NYC, and certain City contractor fleets to be equipped with side-guards. Prior to enactment of the local law, DCAS Fleet Management launched the largest truck side-guard pilot project in North America, using research by the US DOT Volpe Center. Other cities in North America have also launched pilot projects. There is federal legislation under consideration to mandate similar underride guards that prevent cars and other road users from being crushed by large trucks in collisions.

DCAS Adopts Rule on Truck Side Guards, Implementing Local Law 108 of 2021

Opening Remarks at DCAS Public Hearing on Rule for Local Law 108 – Truck Sideguards

US DOT Announces Comprehensive Actions to Increase Underride Protection on Truck Trailers and Prevent Deadly Crashes

Additional Vision Zero Materials

Vision Zero Partners

DCAS works with many entities outside of other City agencies to improve street safety. Here are some of our partners.

Vision Zero Fleet Forum

In 2014, DCAS and DOT hosted the first Vision Zero Fleet Forum at the Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Over 350 people participated. Sponsored by DCAS, the Vision Zero Fleet Safety Forum every year brings together people representing federal, state, and City agencies, as well as private fleets, equipment suppliers, non-profits, and universities, for the common goal of vehicle safety. Through the Vision Zero Fleet Safety Forum, New York City has reached across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to exchange best practices, promote vehicle safety technology, and educate fleet managers about Vision Zero.

For more information on each year’s event, click here.

Training Resources for Drivers and Fleet Operators

NYC Vision Zero agencies have produced several videos and fliers on traffic safety for drivers. Please see our fleet training page to see the resources.