Registrant Project Requirements:
Construction Fence Work & Site Requirements

Licensed Contractors and Registration

Chapter 4 of the NYC General Administrative Provisions for Construction Codes (AC), defines the various licensing and registration requirements, and qualifications of individuals employed on any project regulated by the Department of Buildings. AC 28-418 requires the General Contractor (GC) to register with the Department. AC 28-401.18 requires licensed Contractors to have a place of business in New York City. AC 28-418 requires all registrants to include their license number and business information on trucks, business cards and advertisements.

Contractor Registration

Registered General Contractors must also have safety endorsements from DOB for construction, concrete and demolition work if performing such work on buildings that are four stories or more. Based on the scope of a project, additional requirements may be applicable.

Safety Registration

Non-registered Contractors may perform limited work that is assigned a tracking number, but must pre-file with the department and provide proof of Workers’ Compensation and Disability Insurance.

Insurance Tracking

Welders are required to obtain a license from the Commissioner, per AC 28-407.

*Note: While the Department issues licenses to Contractors qualified to perform construction work, renovations and alterations of 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-family homes and individual apartment units also require a Home Improvement Contractors (HIC) license issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs. See OPPN 3 of 2005. Complete the LIC2 form.*

Construction Fence Work Permit

Permit shall be posted in a visible place at the work site for the duration of the work.

DOT Permit

After receiving DOB approval for construction fence application, applicant must submit all required documents to the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) Bureau of Permit Management and Construction Control (the Bureau) to obtain fence permit if such shed extends into the street’s roadway. Contact DOT for more information and permit requirements.

A Registered Contractor can submit a fence project application to the Department, in lieu of a Registered Design Professional when the application drawings indicate a design in accordance with approved Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) minutes or when allowed by BC 3307.7.5. See Code Notes for more information.

Fences and permits are required when:

Fences shall be installed in all sites where –

  • A new building is being constructed, or

  • A building is being demolished to grade; or

  • Where there exists an open excavation, or

  • Other hazard to the public.

A chain link fence shall be erected to secure a site where work has been interrupted or abandoned and discontinued, and a registered design professional has certified that all construction or demolition equipment and material that poses a hazard to the safety of the public and property has been removed from the site or safely secured.

Licensed/Registered General Contractors must register first to use the Department’s online ePermit processing system. A construction permit application must be completed online by the Registered Contractor. Prior to issuing a permit for any approved project, the following are required:

  • Payment of any unpaid Project Application fees.

  • Identification of responsible Special Inspection Agencies (SIA) by the Registered Design Professional.

  • Request for waiver of penalties, stop work or violations (former L2 Form).

  • Proof of active and current registration, license and insurance.

Insurance Requirements

Licensed General Contractors registered with the Department must have active and current insurance policies and must keep any registration, license and insurance policies current with the Department’s Licensing & Exams Unit, enabling the Contractor’s status to be automatically checked and displayed when a permit application is submitted. Get more information on insurance requirements*.

*Additional Project Specific Insurance may be required. See our Project Specific General Liability Insurance Tool.

Work Site Safety Requirements for Construction Activity

The Administrative Code of the City of New York §28-301.1 requires Owners to maintain their properties in a safe condition.  All parties engaged in a construction or demolition must act in a reasonable and responsible manner to maintain a safe construction or demolition site per NYC Building Code BC 3301.1.1. Per BC 3301.8, the Department shall be notified of any party engaged in construction or demolition work that results in damage to an adjacent property or if an accident occurs.

Site Safety Regulations

Temporary Construction Equipment

Renovation projects such as excavation, demolition and façade repair can require the installation of temporary construction equipment such as sidewalk sheds, fences, scaffolds, material chutes, hoist, etc.  This equipment is required to safely move materials associated with the project to protect workers and the public, per AC Section 28-105.8 and BC Chapter 33.  The placement of lawful accessory signage is limited per BC 3301.10.  Also refer to Construction Project Guidelines for Construction Equipment.

Additional Requirements for Registrant

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