Project Guidelines for Skilled Trades and Registrants

The Project Guidelines were developed as a collaborative effort between the Department and industry partners for the purpose of highlighting the Construction Codes, Zoning and other regulatory requirements for project planning, execution and completion. The Guidelines provide information on tasks and responsibilities for the compliance of the construction project. While the Guidelines can be used for any stage of the project, it is suggested that using the Guidelines before the start of the project.

The Project Guidelines contain general operational, administrative, and technical requirements related to construction project type. Specific and detailed technical aspects of each and every requirement for the design and execution of the proposed work are not included.

The Project Guidelines do not constitute rulemaking by the Department and may not be relied on to create a substantive or procedural right or benefit enforceable by any person. The Department may take action at variance with this guidance and its internal procedures.

While the Project Guidelines identify several resources that may be helpful, the Department does not make any guarantee or assume any liability with respect to such professionals using any resource or other information contained in the Project Guidelines. Use of any resource or information provided, by an individual involved in the construction industry, shall not be viewed as an endorsement by the New York City Department of Buildings of such resources.

Project Guidelines for Skilled Trades

Project Guidelines for Registrants

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