Registrant Project Requirements:
Builders Pavement Plan (BPP) Work & Site Requirements

Licensed Contractors and Registration

Permits for Builders Pavement Plans are only issued to a Licensed General Contractor. The Department issues licenses to contractors qualified to perform construction work.

GC must have a place of business in New York City as per AC §28-401.18. All licensees shall include their license number and business information on trucks, business cards and advertisements. See the NYC Administrative Code §28-418 and Contractor Registration.

Registered general contractors must also have safety endorsements from DOB for construction, concrete and demolition work if performing such work on buildings that are four stories or more. Based on the scope of a project, additional requirements may be applicable. See Safety Registration.

Non-registered contractors may perform limited work that is assigned a tracking number, but must pre-file with the department and provide proof of Workers’ Compensation and Disability Insurance. See Insurance Tracking

BPP Work Permit

DOT Permit. After receiving DOB Approval for BPP application, applicant must submit all required documents to the DOT Office of Permit Management to obtain BPP permit. Contact the Department of Transportation for permit requirements.

Permit Duration

Permit duration may vary by DOT guidelines. Contact the DOT borough office directly for more information.

Work Site Requirements for Construction Activity

The Administrative Code of the City of New York §28-301.1 requires owners to maintain their properties in a safe condition. Property owners, contractors and construction site managers must minimize the risk of accidents and fire.

Site Safety Regulations

Additional Requirements for Registrant

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