Project Category: Building Systems Installation & Modification

Building system applications are usually filed for the repair, modification, or upgrade of existing building systems, such as plumbing, boiler, sprinkler, standpipe, fire alarm, HVAC, and fire suppression systems. The scope of work can also include upgrades that add new systems to existing buildings. These are generally categorized as ‘Low Risk Projects’ because the modifications to existing building systems is part of normal periodic maintenance, which typically involves the application of straight forward sections of Code and no zoning.

Currently, some building systems repairs project applications to plumbing and sprinkler work do not require the submission of plans and are submitted as Limited Alteration Application (LAA).

While a building system project shall not include any renovation or alteration work, an alteration or a renovation project may include installation or modification of building systems in its scope of work. For projects with an expanded scope, a separate building systems project application does not have be filed, with an alteration or renovation application. A single project application must cover all disciplines/trades covered by the work scope.

The Department has grouped the Building Systems Installation & Modification project applications into the following types:

  1. Boilers

  2. Electrical System

  3. Emergency Backup Power Systems

  4. Mechanical

  5. Plumbing

  6. Sprinkler

  7. Solar Energy

  8. Standpipe

Project Categories:

  1. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

  2. Renovations

  3. Construction Equipment

  4. Alterations

  5. Demolition COMING SOON!

  6. New Buildings COMING SOON!

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