Project Category: Alterations

Alteration project applications, upon its successful completion and final inspection, will always result in the issuance of a new Certificate of Occupancy (CO). Work that does not result in the issuance of a new Certificate of Occupancy is considered a renovation project.

Alteration work may include one or more of the following elements:

  • Vertical and/or Horizontal Enlargements - An addition to or relocation of the floor area in an existing building;

  • Conversions:

    • Per ZR 12-10, a conversion is a change of use between the following categories of uses in the Zoning Resolution: residential, community facility, commercial and manufacturing. The change of use within one category is not considered to be a conversion.
    • A conversion also includes any alteration within the residential portion of an existing building that increases the number of rooming units or dwelling units in a building.
  • A change in the occupancy classification or a change of occupancy within an occupancy classification, as defined in Chapter 3 of the Building Code.

  • Egress Modifications – Any substantive change in the exiting width, height, length of travel distance, location, or occupancy load of exits, or any change in number of required exits in a building.

  • A reduction to an existing building’s floor area that impacts the Certificate of Occupancy - For example, the complete elimination of one or more stories from a building or the demolition of a space.

These projects are considered High Risk Projects because they must be thoroughly reviewed to ensure compliance with the New York City Construction Codes, Zoning Resolution, Fire Code and other similar provisions of Law prior to project approval and permit. Additionally, these projects typically have higher levels of risk during various stages of construction, which require special inspection certifications, progress inspections and final Department of Buildings’ inspections required for the issuance of certificates of occupancy.

The Department has grouped the Alteration project applications into the following types:

  1. Builders Pavement Plan (BPP)

  2. Alteration: Manufacturing Buildings

  3. Alteration: Residential and Community Facilities

  4. Alteration: Multiple Dwelling Unit Buildings

  5. Alteration: Commercial, Mixed Use Buildings

  6. Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation

  7. Basement/Cellar Apartment

  8. Alteration: Commercial Office Building COMING SOON!

  9. Alteration: 1 & 2 Family Building

  10. Alteration:  1 & 2 Family Building Mixed Use

  11. Alteration - Educational/institutional/Community Facilities COMING SOON!

  12. Lot Subdivision and Merging COMING SOON!

  13. Alteration: Hotels COMING SOON!

  14. Alteration: Parking Lots and Parking Structures COMING SOON!

  15. Temporary Tents and Other Structures COMING SOON!

  16. Alteration: Loft Law Interim Multiple Dwellings (IMD)

Project Categories:

  1. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

  2. Renovations

  3. Construction Equipment

  4. Alterations

  5. Demolition

  6. New Buildings

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