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The Department of Buildings' Project Guidelines series has been developed to provide a general overview of the Department's project requirements for the construction industry. These guidelines are intended solely for guidance on general project requirements. Users should consult with their Applicant or registered Design Professional for more specific Building Code requirements, other regulatory laws and rules, and technical site-specific requirements. If any variation occurs between the information provided in this document and other current regulations, law or Code, the requirements of current regulations shall govern. As a rule, if two regulations pose a conflict, the more restrictive applies.

This guidance does not constitute rulemaking by the Department and may not be relied on to create a substantive or procedural right or benefit enforceable by any person. The Department may take action at variance with this guidance and its internal procedures.

While the Guide identifies several resources that may be helpful to industry professionals, the Department does not make any guarantee or assume any liability with respect to such professionals using any resource or other information contained in this Guide. Use of any resource or information provided, by an individual involved in the construction industry, shall not be viewed as an endorsement by the New York City Department of Buildings of such resources.

The Guidelines contain general operational, administrative, and technical requirements related to construction project type. Use Project Guidelines during:

  • Pre-approval of a Project – Know what is required to submit a project application and obtain an approval.

  • Pre-permit and ongoing work phase of Project – Learn about Contractor requirements, site safety requirements, required inspections, and obtaining a permit.

  • Project Close-out – Learn how to close-out a completed project or obtain Sign-off and/or Letter of Completion.

  • NOTE: Specific and detailed technical aspects of each and every requirement for the design and execution of the proposed work are not included.*

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