Project Categories: Building Systems Installation & Modifications - Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems work is the new design and installation, alteration, or repair of any electric wires, wiring apparatus and other appliances used or to be used for the transmission of electricity for electric light, heat, power, signaling, communication, alarm and data transmission.

Installation and modification work may also include the necessary equipment, usually consisting of a circuit breaker(s), switch(es), fuse(s) and their accessories, connected to the load end of service conductors to a building or other structure, or an otherwise designated area, and intended to constitute the main control and cutoff of the supply.

All electrical installation work requires an Electrical Permit from the Department of Buildings (DOB). This Project Guideline outlines requirements for new or modifications to existing electrical installations that require a plan review by DOB, which must be submitted by a Professional Engineer and/or a Registered Architect.

Electrical Work Requiring DOB Plan Examination

The Department requires plan examination of proposed electrical work based on the project’s scope of work. Electrical plan review and approval is required where service equipment totals 1000 Kilo-Volt Amperes (KVA) or greater, or where any new alteration or addition to an electric service installation causes the altered installation to total 1000 KVA or greater, as further detailed below:

  1. New installation of equipment totaling 1000 KVA or higher

  2. Any change in an installation with a rating of 1000 KVA or higher, up to and including the second level overcurrent protection, unless it was fully described and approved as future on the original approved plan

  3. Addition to existing installation which would bring the total to 1000 KVA or higher;

  4. New installation or revised installation above 600 volts, irrespective of KVA rating

  5. Addition of any equipment in a room, which would affect clearances around the equipment of a 1000 KVA installation

  6. No submission is required for the addition of one second level overcurrent protection device rated 200A or less; and

  7. No submission is required solely for Fire Alarm taps connection.

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  1. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

  2. Renovations

  3. Construction Equipment

  4. Alterations

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