Directives & Memoranda

Index for Selected Directives, Memoranda, Policy & Procedure Notices and Interpretations through 1996.

DISCLAIMER: This is an Index for selected documents issued through 1996. For documents issued after 1996, check our other Reference Materials (located in our Codes). You should check with the Department to ensure compliance with all rulings and interpretations.

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LEGEND - S = Superseded   A = Amended   R = Rescinded

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Places of Assembly Memo 2-3-76
Tenant Relocation Memo 12-23-77 *
Bureau of Electrical Control Support on Department of Buildings' Vacate Orders Memo 12-12-83 * R
Previously Authorized Directive 39 of 1967 R
Sidewalk Vaults Directive 3 of 1973 *
Bathrooms & Cooking Spaces Memo 12-14-77
Boiler Rooms Memo 12-21-77 *
Ventilation in Existing J-1 Buildings Memo 12-10-87
Horizontal Venting of Gas Boilers without Connection to Chimney TPPN 03/88 R
Procedure to Reduce Backlog Directive 4 of 1979 *
Violation Dismissal Procedure - Local Law No. 10/80 Memo 6-4-82
Local Law 10/80 NRF Violations Memo 8-2-82 *
Dismissal of LL 10/80 Unsafe Violation Memo 8-20-82 *
Local Law 10/80 Procedure to Dismiss Unsafe Violation and Grant Extensions of Time Memo 11-10-82 *
Civil and Criminal Dismissals (LL10/80) Memo 11-26-82
Environmental Control Board Violations Memo 12-27-88 *
Local Law 58 of 1988 (Civil Penalties for Work without a Permit) Memo 1-18-89 *
Work Without a Permit - LL 58/88 Memo 10-3-89 *
Procedure to Administratively Dismiss Complaints and Violations PPN 1-9-91 *
Authorization to Permit Licensed Electricians to Self-Certify Remova lof Reported Electrical Violations for which their Firm was Cited PPN 12-1-94 *