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Coney Island Services Liaison (CSSL)

The day of surgery, either elective or urgent, can provoke a variety of emotions from excitement to anxiety and sometimes fear for both the patient and their family or caregiver. These "nerves" begin as soon as the procedure is planned and gradually increases to maximum stress at the moment of entering the pre-surgical waiting room. It's not uncommon for patients to feel the day of surgery is the biggest and most challenging day in recent memory--families suffer similar anxiety. Those feelings for both parties vary in degree based on age, gender, experience, beliefs, illness, and other factors. Helping both parties cope with that anxiety is essential to promote a positive and calming experience. If you've ever experienced surgery personally or indirectly with a friend or family member, you know all too well that feeling of uneasiness.

-----Enter Coney Surgery Services Liaison (CSSL) Volunteers. You can HELP!!!

CSSL volunteers are the "shoulder to lean on" during that anxious time of waiting for results. Volunteers offer comfort and stability to waiting families. Volunteers serve as the communication link to keep families apprised of logistical operating room updates. Following surgery, CSSL volunteers accompany the family to receive the doctor's report and to visit with the patient. They also support the surgical services department with administrative tasks as well.

Basically, you'll be a counselor, a relief aid, a communicator, an office team member an active listener, a bringer of smiles and information, and ultimately an ambassador for Coney Island Hospital.

Best Suited For: Pre-Med Students, Health Administration Students, & Community Members

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