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Nuclear Medicine

The Department of Nuclear Medicine

The Department performs nuclear scans as both inpatient and outpatient procedures. And we have a convenient system for outside physicians to refer patients for nuclear scans.

Our equipment includes nuclear cameras with the latest technology and the newest gamma camera with nuclear and radiological computerized tomography (sectional images). These new machines significantly enhance accuracy of pathology diagnosis and localization.

The procedures performed in this Department include:

  • Whole body bone scans to rule out spreading of cancer
  • Bone scans to rule out osteomyelitis, an infection in the bones
  • Bone scans to rule out stress fractures from jogging or running
  • Whole body gallium scan to detect the source of infections
  • Liver spleen scans to rule out cirrhosis and tumors
  • Hemangioma study to detect tumors of the liver and spleen following CAT scan or ultrasound evaluations
  • Thyroid scans to rule out cancers
  • Radioactive treatment of hyperthyroidism
  • Thyroid cancer treatment with radioactive iodine performed in both inpatient and outpatient setting
  • Kidney scans to rule out kidney stones
  • Kidney function test before surgical procedures
  • Limited PET scans of the chest and abdomen to detect cancer
  • Biliary scans to rule out gallbladder disease
  • Scanning for carcinoid tumor syndromes
  • Scanning for parathyroid adenomas, tumors of the parathyroid gland (localization prior to surgery)

Nuclear Medicine
Location: 5N6
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Telephone: (718) 616-3646

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