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How to Post Bail


Bail - Legally defined as either cash bail or bail bond.

DJJ only accepts cash bail. Posting of bail permits DJJ, after it has accepted the funds for deposit with the Department of Finance, to discharge a juvenile pending his/her next court appearance, unless outstanding warrants or detainers prohibit the juvenile's discharge. A bail payment obtains the discharge of a juvenile conditioned on compliance with court orders. It is not a fine, surcharge or penalty assessment.

Cash Bail - U.S. currency or other permissible forms of payments are accepted in the amount designated in an order fixing bail.

Cash bail is posted by a juvenile or on his/her behalf by a Surety with a court or with DJJ on the condition that the money will be forfeited to the people of New York State if the juvenile does not comply with the directions of a court requiring the juvenile's attendance at the action involved or does not otherwise render him/herself amenable to the orders of the court. The Courts, but not DJJ, also accept payments in partial security of bail bonds.

Surety - The person posting bail on behalf of a juvenile.

The Surety assumes the responsibility that the juvenile will appear in a designated action when required and otherwise make him/herself amenable to the orders of the court. If the juvenile fails to comply, the Surety forfeits the sum posted.

Where Can Bail Be Posted?

Bail can be posted at any one of the three DJJ Secure Detention facilities in New York City:

Bridges Juvenile Center
1221 Spofford Avenue
Bronx, New York 10474

Crossroads Juvenile Center
17 Bristol Street
Brooklyn, New York 11212

Horizon Juvenile Center
560 Brook Avenue
Bronx, New 10455

Bail can also be posted at the courthouse if the juvenile is in the court pens for a scheduled court appearance. Notify the clerk in the part which the juvenile's case is pending of your intention to post bail. You will be referred to the Central Clerks' Office, 100 Centre Street, Room 1000, New York, NY 10013, (212) 374-4984, 4985, 4976.

Who can post bail?

Anyone can post bail for a juvenile in DJJ's custody. However, DJJ will not release the juvenile to anyone other than the juvenile's parent or guardian without first receiving permission from the parent or guardian to do so.

The person posting bail must present two forms of personal identification, one of which must display a photo.

Permissible Forms of Bail Payment:

Bail will be accepted in any of the following forms:

  • U.S. cash for the full amount
  • Cashier's/Teller's check, in any amount not exceeding the bail figure
  • Bank money order, up to $1,000
  • Federal Express money order, up to $1,000
  • U.S. Postal money order, up to $1,000
  • Travelers Express Company money order up to $1,000
  • Western Union money order up to $1,000
  • Check issued by the city Finance Administrator for a bail refund. There is no $1,000 maximum but the check must not exceed the amount of the bail
  • Veterans Administration Check, up $1,000
  • U.S. government checks up to $1,000
  • Cash in combination with any of the above for the total amount of the bail

Note: While any individual money order or check listed above as having a $1,000 limit may not exceed that amount, there is no limit on the number of such money orders and/or such checks that may be accepted in payment of the bail, provided their total together or in combination with cash meets the bail requirement exactly. (The Department does NOT "give change" in bail transactions.)

How NOT to pay bail

Not acceptable for bail purposes:

  • Personal checks, whether certified or not
  • Otherwise acceptable forms of check/money order made out for amounts exceeding the $1,000 limit or for which a refund ("change") would be required
  • Otherwise acceptable forms of check/money order but made out to the Department of Finance or to a jail other than the one at which they are presented
  • Other than the authorized forms

How do I have cash bail refunded?

Generally, cash bail is refunded upon final disposition of the case. If, after cash bail is posted, bail is increased or the defendant is released on his/her own recognizance and the original bail is exonerated, a cash bail refund is also then available. A cash bail refund order will be issued by the court on the same day that the case is concluded or when the bail is exonerated. Refund checks do not come from the court. If you have not received your bail money within three weeks from the date the case was finished or the bail was exonerated, contact either the NYC Finance Dept., 1 Centre Street, Room 2200, New York, NY (212) 669-2879 or the Central Clerk's Office, 100 Centre Street, Room 1000, New York, NY 10013, (212) 374-4984, 4985, or 4976.

Except in the instance where a court case results in a dismissal or acquittal, 3 % will be deducted from posted bail upon its refund.

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