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Court Services

Court Services

DJJ's Court Services Unit has the dual function of transporting youth to and from the Family, Criminal and Supreme Courts in all five boroughs, and supervising the Family Court detention rooms.


In carrying out its responsibilities, Court Services is committed to DJJ's mission of balancing custody and care. Court Services extends the Agency's positive intervention approach to the Family Court detention rooms. The detention room can be a constructive environment for youth awaiting court action.

Each Family Court detention room is staffed by a Court Representative and Juvenile Counselors. Court Services staff is among the most experienced in the Agency, so they are especially well prepared to care for youth during the stressful court process.

The DJJ Court Representative acts as a liaison to the court, communicating with judges, lawyers, probation officers and other court personnel, and to facilitate the court process. Juvenile Counselors both supervise and counsel youth awaiting their hearings.

Court appearances are a difficult and anxious time for youth. In addition to being nervous about the outcome of their hearings, they are often unfamiliar with courtroom procedures. Finding Your Way, a 20-minute award-winning video shown daily in all Family Court detention rooms, helps remedy this by explaining detention and the court process as it relates to juvenile delinquents.


Court Services is also responsible for the transportation of all juveniles to and from the courts, medical appointments and other facilities. On an average day, the Court Services staff transports 60 - 70 youth to and from court. Youth travel in special minibuses that help to maintain order while ensuring public safety and the youth's privacy.

In addition, Court Services transports:

  • Juvenile offenders to facilities operated by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services .
  • Juveniles being transferred to the New York City Department of Correction.
  • Juveniles being transferred intra-agency between Secure Detention facilities and Non-Secure Detention group homes.
  • Juveniles to airports, who are being held for other authorities.
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