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A Career as a Juvenile Counselor

A Juvenile Counselor is an entry-level position within the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Persons employed in this position are assigned to a Secure Detention facility for juveniles that is operated by the Agency.

Juvenile Counselors provide custody, supervision, direct care, and counseling to juveniles generally between the ages 10 to 16.

Job responsibilities for Juvenile Counselors include searching residents for contraband, teaching socially desired habits and behaviors, providing recreational activities, and assisting with crisis intervention programs. Some Juvenile Counselors also operate motor vehicles. The Juvenile Counselor position requires moderate physical activity. Juvenile Counselors may be required to walk up and down flights of stairs and break up fights amongst juveniles.

The employee is assigned to one of the three daily shifts. Since DJJ's facilities operate seven days per week, 24-hours a day, Juvenile Counselors may be required to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Overtime work situations occur often.

Juvenile Counselors have promotional opportunities to Associate Juvenile Counselor positions, which are the entry-level supervisory positions in this series.

The starting salary for Juvenile Counselors who are not presently employed by the City of New York is $ 34,977. The salary range for City employees is $40,224 - $50,641. In addition, employees are eligible for health insurance and other benefits as well as liberal annual and sick leave.

Qualification Requirements:

1) Bachelors degree from an accredited college or
2) Sixty college credits plus two years of full-time experience working directly with juveniles (ages 10-18) in a group, community, educational, or institutional setting, or with developmentally disabled adults or adolescents (age 10 & up) or
3) High school graduation or GED with four years full time experience as described above in #2, or
4) A combination of the above. Experience may be substituted on the basis of one-year of experience equaling 30 college credits.

All candidates must receive clearance from the New York State Child Abuse Registry, and understand simple commands in English. Candidates must prove their identity and show their right to obtain employment in the United States.

There is no residency requirement for these positions.

Selection Process:

The Juvenile Counselor position is a civil service position. Therefore, the N.Y.C. Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) holds examinations for permanent appointment to these positions. Persons who compete in the examination, receive a passing mark and are selected by this agency are appointed to these positions. After completion of a one (1) year probationary period, a staff member will receive tenure in this position.

During periods where there is no eligible civil service list of eligibles to consider, the Human Resources Unit coordinates periodic interview sessions for qualified persons wishing hiring consideration. Those candidates selected are required to submit to a complete background investigation including a criminal record search, and medical and drug screening examinations.

Interested candidates should submit resumes to:

Recruitment Coordinator
New York City Department of Juvenile Justice
110 William Street 14th Floor
New York, New York 10038

No phone calls please.

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