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Hardship Vehicle Retirement Extension

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Procedures for taxicab owners to request a vehicle retirement extension. Taxicab owners experiencing a hardship can request an extension of their vehicle’s retirement date for up to one year by submitting the Extension Request Form.

Who can request a vehicle retirement extension?

The medallion owner, agent or driver that owns the current vehicle and would purchase the replacement vehicle.

What are examples of hardships?

In order to qualify for an extension, an owner must demonstrate an "economic or other hardship” which results in an owner’s inability to replace their current vehicle. Examples of such a hardship include: Illness or family emergency that prevents the owner from working. Loss of income due to business changes, a change in personal circumstances or unanticipated expenses. Inability to get a loan for the purchase of a vehicle. Delayed vehicle delivery, where the owner has purchased a replacement vehicle but it will not be delivered in time.

What information should be included with an extension request?

A vehicle owner must provide evidence of the hardship. Evidence may include a doctor’s note, copies of bills, income statements, tax returns, or other documentation demonstrating a loss of income or an increase in expenses. The extension request form includes a list of documents that should be included based on an owner’s stated hardship. TLC may contact an owner if additional information is required.

When should the request be made?

The request should be made at least 30 days before the vehicle must be replaced (TLC rules require that vehicles must be replaced before the first vehicle inspection after their scheduled retirement date). Owners can submit requests less than 30 days before the vehicle must be replaced if there is good cause for the delay. Examples of good cause include recent illness, injury, personal or family emergency, or an unexpected expense or loss of income that occurred within the last 30 days.

How should the request be made?

Mail the Extension Request Form (PDF) and evidence of the hardship to:

Office of Legal Affairs
NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission
33 Beaver Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10004

How should an owner of more than one taxicab submit a request?

If an owner needs to extend the retirement dates of more than one vehicle, please submit separate extension requests for each vehicle. Multiple vehicles will no longer be accepted in a single request. Requests should be made no later than 30 days before the first vehicle must be replaced and no earlier than 6 months before the last vehicle must be replaced.