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No Commissions, no sales charges, no self-interest

If you are a current or former NYC employee (with a termination date of 1985 or after), or the spouse of a current or former NYC employee, you can open a New York City Employee IRA (NYCE IRA), and enjoy the convenience, professionalism, and performance of a program that has been designed with only you in mind. No commissions, no sales charges, no self-interest. Our only interest is your interest.

Before rolling your money out of the Plan, visit the Financial Wellness Center online. The Certified Financial Planner™ professionals of the Financial Wellness Center, provide individual consultations to Deferred Compensation Plan account owners.  A personalized Financial Needs Assessment is provided to the participant at the completion of this 1 ½ hour personalized session.

Learn about Personalized Individual Financial Consultations

How to Roll Funds back into the Plan

How to Establish a NYCE IRA Account (NYC Employees/former employees only)

Download the NYCE IRA Brochure which includes the application

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