Accessing Your DCP & NYCE IRA Account

How to Access Your Account Online

To access your account or to set up an account, click on the "Sign In/Set Up Account Here" button (located below, as well as on the top banner of pages within the Deferred Compensation Plan Web site).  You can login to your account using your Personal Identification Number (PIN) where you will be able to obtain information and make changes to your account.

For your convenience, you can click the Account Log-In button that is provided on the top of every DCP and NYCE IRA page on this website

Supported Browsers

The account access website is intended to be used by all recent versions of popular web browsers. Other less popular or older versions of web browsers will generally work on this site, but be aware that some features will not be optimized or may not appear as intended.

Please use one of the Recommended Browsers to experience the Participant Account Access website properly 

For account access on pages to function properly, JavaScript must be enabled.

Browser Encryption

The web-based account services utilize industry-standard security technologies.

For your protection, please do not leave your computer unattended before exiting the session. You may exit the session and clear your cookies by clicking on the LOGOUT button at any time.  For added protection, you may wish to close your browser window after logging out.

Entering a wrong PIN

You get 3 chances to enter your PIN correctly, after which you will be denied access to personal account information for a period of 24 hours. If you do not know your PIN you can Order A Reminder PIN online, through the telephone or contact a Client Service Representative at (212) 306-7760 during business hours.

Disclaimer:  The Account Access section of the Deferred Compensation Plan's website may not always be available.  In the event the site is unavailable you can access your Plan account by calling the Plan's telephone voice response system at (212) 306-7760.   Account access is also not available during periods of scheduled maintenance.  Please keep this in mind when planning investment changes.

Sign In to Access Your Account Online

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