Important Notice

The Deferred Compensation Plan's Financial Wellness Center remains closed to walk-in visitors. The Plan offers online webinars to participants and employees. Begining May 4, 2022, employees and participants can register online to attend in-person seminars. The Financial Wellness Center will continue to perform individual consultations via the phone. Plan participants interested in an individual consultation, please call us at 212-306-5050 Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Please check back periodically for updates.

The Financial Wellness Center

Paying Bills During the Pandemic video

The Financial Wellness Center was established to provide expanded educational seminars for City of New York employees.

In addition to the importance of the Deferred Compensation Plan for supplementing retirement pension income, it was determined that City employees could benefit from learning about other topics that would positively impact their financial well-being. 

NEW! Financial Wellness Webinars

The New York City Deferred Compensation Plan is pleased to offer webinars to Plan participants and employees.

Financial Wellness Webinars

A webinar is a seminar that is organized via the Internet (seminar + Web). Participants register online, receive a reminder email when the event date gets closer and attend the webinar using a compatible computer or mobile device.

Webinars will be presented by the Plan’s Certified Financial Planner™ professionals who are salaried and do not work on commission or sell any products.

All webinars are one-hour in length and FREE to attend. Webinar topics include Distribution Planning, Retirement Planning, Social Security & Medicare, Estate Planning and more.

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Individual Consultations

The Certified Financial Planner™ professionals of the Financial Wellness Center, also provide individual consultations to Deferred Compensation Plan account owners. A personalized Financial Needs Assessment is provided to the participant at the completion of this 1 ½ hour personalized session. 

Are you Financially Ready to Retire?

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Featured Video: Social Security and Medicare

This is an interactive video. Click on the side menus, when available, to jump to ahead to the Medicare section or back to Social Security.

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