The New York City Employee IRA

Establishing an Account

You can establish your account online or you can print out the NYCE IRA Application and submit the completed application to the NYCE IRA's Administrative Office. 

Open a NYCE IRA Account online

Download the NYCE IRA Brochure which includes the NYCE IRA Application


You can select the type of account you wish to establish:

Either a NYCE IRA (Traditional) or Roth NYCE IRA, and make investment and beneficiary elections.


Select Your Investment Allocation

With the NYCE IRA, you can choose how you want your money invested.

The NYCE IRA offers you the opportunity to invest in a pre-arranged portfolio. Each portfolio consists of varying percentages of the NYCE IRA's core investment options. They are professionally managed and regularly rebalanced for you. Each portfolio's risk exposure is automatically reduced over time.

You may choose instead to create your own portfolio from the NYCE IRA's seven core investment options. The core options include a Stable Income Fund, a Bond Index Fund, an Equity Index Fund, a Global Socially Responsible Index Fund, a Mid-Cap Equity Index Fund, an International Equity Fund, and a Small-Cap Equity Fund.


Please refer to the NYCE IRA Investment Options section of this Web site for detailed information on your investment choices.


Designate Beneficiaries

You may designate more than one individual or entity as beneficiary of your account.

Before designating beneficiaries, please refer to the NYCE IRA Beneficiary section of this website.

You will receive confirmation of your investment allocation and beneficiary designation via postal mail.


View the Disclosure Statement

To complete the process, after you have made your investment allocation and beneficiary changes, you must read and acknowledge the Disclosure Statement and Fee Disclosure Statement.


Once you've done that, you are ready to fund your account